16 June, 2008, 1208 am
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I should have decided this earlier.  However, from now on, I will make an effort.

While it is certainly great that I’ve started to gather news and make art, it’s not necessarily enough.  I have to share it with people, and seriously…how many people are impacted my my blog?  Let’s say I get 100 hits a day.  Sometimes, that’s one person hitting me multiple times.  More than one person does that.  I am not impacting many.  How do I impact many?  I make my acquaintances into friends.  I share information with my friends.  I still read.  I spend less time on the computer.  I read the newspaper.  I ride my bike.  I make art.  I share.  That’s the whole point of enlightenment.  Sharing.

So tomorrow, I will probably go to the library.  Sometime soon, I will buy my first sketchbook and record images.  And this week, I will make plans on my own with friends who are not in Germany.  And when my friends in Germany return from Germany, I will make plans with them.

How about I write down some summer goals, as inspired by Ali’s list of 66 things she wants to do before the summer is over.

1.  Have a picnic.  And not a half-assed picnic, like, oh hai I just happened to bring my sandwich outside, but a real vibrant piquenique with muzak and maybe even a basket.

2.  Make newspaper-reading a habit.

3.  Read at least two books/week (though if I try hard enough, I may be able to make that two books/day, but that would be enlightening yet depressing).

4.  Make another issue of zine, post first issue online in PDF file of some sort.

5.  Finish another headband.

6.  Clean room and keep it clean.

7.  Throw away things I really don’t need (makeup, things in closet).

8.  Make a new bag.

9.  Attend at least one Skankathon.

10.  Attempt at conversation with person with nice eyebrows.  He intimidates me, but he did make an effort in the past, which was repelled by me because I was intimidated.  Threatened in unfamiliar territory.

11.  Sell at least one bag for a decent price.

12.  Turn in job applications.

13.  Cut out gelatin, carmine, and things that may be cooked in animal fat completely.

14.  Make stencils and spraypaint somewhere.

15.  Get my eyebrows waxed so I have a definite outline to follow since they are uneven.  This sounds simple, but the last time I went, I mourned for days because they made them too far apart in the middle and I looked like a circus freak.

16.  Get a happy bathing suit that allows me to accept myself.  Right now, I have a morbid tankini that hates my body.

17.  Make my camera a regular.

18.  Little black dress.

19.  Walking slouched makes me look like a drunk hobbit.

20.  Postcards.

21.  Jam.

I’m fucking tired.


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i need to do a lot of the same things you listed, especially #13– except gummy bears are still my weakness as for gelatin. i bet they make vegan ones somewhere though. OH SHIT I BOUGHT TOFUTTI CHEESE AND IT IS DISGUSTING HOLY GOD. i almost threw up after the first bite (i tried it by itself to check if i would like it in a sandwich of some sort…ughsaldkfhdsklaghaksl it was awful!), and i had to have a spoonful of nutella and peanut butter after to get the taste out. it’s some nasty ass shit.
but anyway GOOD LUCK ON YOUR LIST!!!!!
god i need to update my blog. the last post on there is from a couple months ago about a dream i had which i thought happened in russia but after looking at pix of the german houses of govt, turns out i may have been dreaming about those…

Comment by divya

I remember going through a period in my life when I felt like I needed to do things and make an impact. Sort of exactly what I think you’re going through. I kind of want that feeling back again. I’ll have to watch Amélie and perhaps it will inspire me.

Comment by Colourkid

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