16 June, 2008, 1100 am
Filed under: Barrels of Fun, My Experience with Existence

Here’s my one plan.  And if I get in trouble with tha authorities, I’ll blame Mr. Jennings.  He gave me this idea when he said during Diversity Club that there’s not enough graffiti in Lewisburg.  Not muh fault.

I’m making stencils and spraypainting all over the place.  Well, okay.  I’ll try to avoid doing it on houses.  But the streets are game.  Um, almost anything downtown is game.  Except houses.

Here’s one thing I have noticed.  If you walk from the school to Zelda’s via St. Louis (Lewis?  I don’t care) Street, you’ll see little black cell phones on the curbs.  Here’s another thing I’ve noticed.  Despite its close vicinity to the police department, Kidsburg would be a good place to vandalize.  For one thing, teenagers hang out there on a regular basis.  For another, there are so many opportunities.

The thing about Lewisburg is that you can’t just do it in an open place like Banksy does.  The authorities probably won’t understand that you are attempting to beautify the city.  They do not appreciate art.

Here’s where I got the idea.  Mr. Jennings.  Banksy.  Ali.  Mr. Towslee.  This kid from my Geometry class in ninth grade who asked me if I made the stencil that Mr. Towslee lent us to make tee shirts.  Is it bad that half of my inspiration comes from fucking…teachers?  Or adults, rather.  I think not.

Well, I’m off.  I need to finish making stencils.


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ICH LIEBE DICH. heilig scheiße.

Comment by divya

et bonne chance ma chère!!!

[yeah i know i’m mixing languages but remember what i was saying about me having a multilingual blog? yeah i gotta work on that more often. eep.]

Comment by divya

Oh my goodness. When I take a train from Boston to Lowell, where I go to a lot of concerts, the train passes under the highway underpass just as it’s leaving the train station. It’s kind of the “back” of the city, as in nobody goes back there and it’s just full of broken down trucks and barbed wire. But there is the most beautiful graffiti out there and all the forty minutes to Lowell, too. The train tracks are mostly surrounded by fences to keep accidents from happening, and they’re painted all over.

Also, in my magazine writing class, this girl interviewed a guy who has a graffiti school in Boston. I forget what it was called. But it was really cool. He teaches his student that it’s more than just vandalism. It’s art, if you do it correctly and from the heart.

Okay. I’m EXHAUSTED. See you in 12 hours.

Comment by wellwell

I have to admit I love colorful graffiti art. As long as its not inappropriate or covering up something rudely, I tend to really like it. Props to you.

Comment by swaziprincess

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