12 June, 2008, 1243 pm
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Upon the opening of my eyes, Divya decided to pop in Amélie.  We watched it with English subtitles, and from the first lines, some things were lost in translation.

However, upon the ending of the movie, I was changed.  I must make art.  I must continue with my plans to give strangers anonymous love and encouragement.  Thus, I shall make my postcard(s) this weekend.  I shall go to Barnes & Noble today.  The thing that saddens me slightly is that perhaps someone will get my message and believe that I am a sappy creep (which is exactly what I am).  Or maybe no one will get my message.  It’s the anonymity that makes me happy, knowing that there’s a chance that I helped someone because many people do, in fact, believe in signs (even the skeptical, sometimes).  But in order to increase that chance, I need to spread out my hits and make each note of encouragement different and meaningful.

On the way home from Divya’s, I sang to myself in French, conversed with other drivers in French, and pretended that I was all-around French.  It felt good.


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HAHAHHAHAHA i am so sorry if it was too early for amelie, i just figured you better see it as soon as friggin’ possible, and…yeah. it was out of love. truly.

and hell yeah, you should go ahead with a spreading of love and encouragement plot!!!!! everybody loves love and encouragement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by divya

Ahh, I came across this post randomly. I don’t have a clue how I got here infact, but for years Amelie has been one of my favourite movies! I can see what you mean about the things you wanted to do afterwards, soon after I’d seen it, I started scouring photobooths and taking pictures of myself in masks and sending them to my friends. haha. It’s funny what film can do to a person.

Comment by therip

Tell me about your postcards!

Comment by wellwell

=D good luck

Comment by darialois

Merci beaucoup!

Comment by indiechouette

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