9 June, 2008, 131 pm
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How can this happen?  How can this be allowed to happen?  How can one group have so much unfair power and have the absolute balls to use it against so many people?  They are willing to risk putting two million people at risk for starvation.  2,000,000.  Tsvangirai has to keep trucking for the people even after sixty people have died for his cause.  And he has to contiune to carry that guilt and push to keep himself alive and make sure that those sixty supporters did not die in vain.  But Mugabe can spare a few million innocent lives without guilt just so that he can retain his power.  That is so manipulative and just frightening.  We are so unsheltered.  We are allowed to have opinions and act on them and share them.  They are not presented both sides of the argument because the government is so in control.  If they do disagree, though, they are not allowed to show their disagreement.

It is happening and I wish there was something or anything I could do about it at all.


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Once the runoff election (June 27th) is held (Tsvangirai “officially” won 47% of the vote in the first round, not enough to avoid a runoff…even though just about every reasonable estimate has him winning 51% or so votes, plenty to win the election outright) and Tsvangirai wins big (as is expected because many of the supporters of Makoni in the first round with go to Tsvangirai in the runoff), Mugabe will have no choice but to go. The pressure from the rest of the world will be too great. And every time Mugabe arrests the opposition at a rally (as he did to Tsvangirai last week), he just increases the margin by which he’ll lose on the 27th.

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