Two things.

One:  I always pin animals to people.  Recently, Katie brought up that one of our schoolmates looks like a praying mantis.  This is a very accurate description of him.  Anyway, it brought me back to the age-old question: What animal do I look like?

And just now, I thought, “Damn it anyway, I’m a fucking beaver.”  Beavers are cute and extremely furry, but here is one thing they’re not: Sexy.

Haha, I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with wanting to become sexy.  Probably because recently, all my friends are growing up and becoming sexy, and here I am at seventeen years old, almost eighteen, the same height, weight, bra size (I may have graduated a half a cup size since then), and pant size I was in seventh grade (no, I’m not tiny, just short).  People constantly mistake me for a middle schooler or an underclassman.  I halfway wish I had these huge titties or a huge ass to prove that I am as old as my license says.  I suppose this will prove advantageous.  In college, I will attract guys who want someone who is rather young-looking.  And pedophiles.  Plus, I’ll get carded for a long time, which may prove annoying at first, but when I’m forty years old and they ask for my ID, it will be worth it.

Two:  I vant to get some gold fabric paint and vandalize my clothing.

Additionally, “additionally” has become my word of the day.  I’ve been on Yahoo! Answers all day, and I’m only a Level 1, but I love putting my opinion out there.  It’s strange.  And it’s not quite like a forum, where someone will likely call you a dumbshit and completely contradict you.

Oh.  Last night, I took it upon myself to listen to some good “metal” (actually post-hardcore).  I’m going to start mainstream, and with the help of, I will move myself away from that.  Thus, the starting point is the Fall of Troy, who I’ve loved for quite some time.  The guitar parts are just mind-blowing, and the voices and even the lyrics help quite a lot.  I also enjoy many of the song titles.

Act One, Scene One | The Fall of Troy
[buy] [mediafire]
[zshare] [mp3 direct link]
The Fall of Troy’s Website
The Fall of Troy’s MySpace

Oh.  Another important thing.  Rachael dyed her light brown hair a darker brown today.  Revlon Colorsilk #30 (Dark Brown).  It’s currently my colour, exactly, which may finally force people to accept that we’re sisters.  This dye job, though, makes me want to dye my own hair a shade or two darker.  Thus, next month, I plan to dye my hair a shade or two darker.  I’m not going for black or anything.  Just darker dark brown.  Altering my appearance for the better often makes me happy.

Okayokay.  Now I must clean my room.


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You seem to be in a good mood for this post. Just a random observation.

A few things.

1. I often link people to cartoon characters. My friend Adam is James from James and the Giant Peach. The funny thing is, a few weeks after I decided that, he was cast as James in the stage version. There was a boy I graduated with that reminded me of Doug Funny. You have animals. I have cartoons.

2. I always think I look like I’m about fifteen. Even though I feel like I act a bit more mature since I’ve gone to college and such, I still have a round face and chub that makes me look like I’m still a pre-teen with my baby fat. In reality, I’m a teenager/adult who was chubby, and got more chubby at college. That fucking Freshman Fifteen. But it did make my boobs bigger. Well, one of them. They’re actually lopsided. It’s very annoying. Probably too much information. But whatever. Anyway, I understand you’re “blah I look like I’m two” complaint.

3. I’ve never dyed my hair. I got highlights once. About five years ago. But for the past year, I’ve wanted to dye mine darker. It’s pretty dark brown already, but I love really dark hair, like just before black. I’ve just been really nervous about dying it.

Comment by Sara

We should take the plunge together.

Comment by indiechouette

Yes, I think we should.

Comment by Sara

Oh, I’m so excited you have found m. ward as he is quite awesome. also check out nick drake as his music is amazing and his albums are a perfect fabric of happy and morose.

also, at target there is a tote bag with a neon pink eiffel tower on it dying to be bought by a fellow-francophile.

Comment by lilly

rachael dyed her hair DARKER? wow. that probably looks really good though.

you don’t resemble a beaver. i guess you kinda look like audrey tautou but she’s not an animal… um…. shit idk… brian said i look like an aardvark, but i don’t see it. idk. some ppl just don’t look like animals, and i think you might be one of them. but you’re slightly catlike.

Comment by divya

by the way having larger boobs is not freaking worth it. i get so sick and nauseous trying to lose weight, even the healthy way, because my body is used to having boobs and voluptuous thighs (and a tummy). it is SO NOT WORTH IT.

Comment by divya

and i don’t know why i’m obsessed with trying to be sexy either…..but that’s just it hahaha i AM obsessed with it.

Comment by divya

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