I have finally completed my senior project.  And I’m so proud.  So, so proud.  Now this week, I have to distribute it around.  Since our printer is a piece of shit, I wasted lots of paper trying to print the cover, which takes up a looot of ink.  So I used up the better part of a cartridge yesterday.

If you live near me and you want a copy, I’d advise visiting some places downtown next week–Cherry Alley, maybe Zelda’s, perhaps Page After Page.  That’s where I plan to put them.  They’re completely free, by the by.

If you don’t live near me and you want a copy, I’ll be putting them in a PDF file online sometime soon, so you can save paper by reading it online, print a copy for yourself, print copies for your friends, et cetera.  Distribute.  I don’t care, as long as you don’t plagiarize.  I would be very, very angry if you plagiarized.

By the by, I have named it “From My Window To Yours.”  I bet you can guess where it’s from.

The best part is that I plan on continuing this.  Creating more volumes.  Making it better.

Anyway.  Yesterday was also the Arts Festival.  Sara said that she was upset about missing it this year.  This got me excited about going, because it must be good if Sara says it is.


It was the best day of my life.

So for starters, Market Street was blocked off so that tents could be set up in the street.  I got there at one, which was my volunteer time, but I regret not getting there earlier.  It took me ten minutes to find the Art for Africa booth, but they didn’t need me to volunteer, anyway.

This allowed me to walk around.  I found Jess at the Campus and I found Kate coming out of Cherry Alley.  I found Phelan and Coleton later.

I felt bad for Phelan and Coleton because I had promised the day to Phelan first.  Or at least, I had offered to see him.  I guess that’s not offering the day to him, but he lives in Palmyra and I rarely see him.  And after that, I had offered the day to Katie, but I only ran into her a few times, which I feel awful about.  I also made sort-of plans with Ali, but they did not happen.  I spent most of the time with Kate and Jess, which often excluded Phelan and Coleton.  But we had a good time.

I met people I normally lurk; thus, I do not have to lurk anymore.  For example, Angela, whose MySpace I constantly encounter.  I noted that while she is pretty in her photographs, the images don’t do her justice.  By that, I mean that she is gorgeous in person, far more so than any photograph could portray.  And actually, somehow, she reminded me a lot of Erika.  It might have been her fairly long, painted nails or her style, but I think it was mainly her thin hands, wrapped securely around a phone, and her small feet, covered in flats.  Weird things to notice.  Truth be told, Erika’s facial expressions cannot be matched.  But I did find the girls similar.  Thus, I found a strange comfort and familiarity in Angela that probably made me seem very forward.

My favourite part of the day was not the pierogies.  It was not socializing.  It was not making eyes at my favourite Cherry Alley employee (more like looking at, haha).  It was the weather.  Fucking gorgeous!  Shorts-outside material.  No jacket.  Sunny, hot, and amazing.  No cloud cover.  It was the kind of day that just made me happy.  Thus, all that additional art made me overjoyed.  It was too good.  And I wasn’t wasting it, either.  I felt like hugging everyone.  I felt like I was at the top of my game.  And for the few hours that I was there, I felt like hugging absolutely everyone.

Afterwards, I went running with my iPod and my handy dandy Running Mix.  And I felt glorious.

The rest of the night was wasted on printing my senior project, but at 1 am, I got a text from Brent to get online.  I was half-asleep, so I got on and we had a good conversation.  After that, I had a hard time going to sleep again.

And then this morning, I went running farther than I went yesterday.  I also lifted weights.  So I feel awesome.

But this is all in preparation for the tedious journey of searching for a prom dress.

Take It Easy (Love Nothing) | Bright Eyes
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[buy] [mp3 direct link]
Bright Eyes’ Website
Bright Eyes’ MySpace
Saddle Creek Website

On the plus side (still), I am able to listen to Bright Eyes avidly again.  “Lua” is climbing its way back into my heart.

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i can’t wait to read/see/admire your zine! let me know as soon as it’s up.

Comment by swaziprincess

Glad that I made my way into one of your posts! I feel flattered and famous :)

So the Arts Festival was PERFECT, wasn’t it? I’m very sad. My mom called me from there and I was like, “Don’t talk to me. I don’t want to know you’re having fun.” Although I was in New York for the day so it was alright.

Anyway. I want a copy of your Zine. A hard copy, not just online. But I’ll be home soon so there should definitely be one around still. Or I’ll make my brother take two.

I don’t know if you’re planning on working on this alone or accepting things from others, but I would so be willing to help you out with your Zine! For a while, I actually wanted to create my own. I bought books about it and everything–even though I have no idea where they are. And actually, at my school, I’ve been trying to get into magazine publishing classes, to talk about layouts and all that stuff. But if you’re looking for any help this summer, I’d definitely be really exciting about helping out!

Comment by wellwell

D00d, swaziprincess, I will definitely tell you.

And Sara, after reading your first comment about Kyle, I decided immediately that if I made more issues, I would have to ask you to contribute to it. So I’m especially glad that you’re into the idea. Hahaha. Travis sat right down and read the whole thing in one go when I showed him a rough copy.

And I shall reserve a hard copy for you to get ahold of.

Comment by indiechouette

i’m very excited for you ♥ I CAN’T WAIT TILL I CAN SEE IT.
i am super sad that i couldn’t be at the arts festival cause it seems like the kind of thing i would shit my pants to be at. festivals are awesome.
still missing you.
good luck on prom dress hunt!!!!!

Comment by divya

and i want me a hard copy too s’il te plait♥

Comment by divya

“Lua” is beautiful. Good luck with prom dresses, and congrats on the senior project.
I’m mostly reading your blog right now because I spent the better half of today defending indie (via the internet; we go to college in different places) to one of my oldest friends, who was claiming that pop music had just as much musical merit and that I shouldn’t judge artists simply by what record label they are on or how mainstream they are (which I don’t necessarily do; I’ve rocked out to some Red Hot Chili Peppers in my day, for sure.) Naturally, this made my blood boil, and some fairly hostile words were exchanged. Which is silly, but I’m sensitive, and I have very strong feelings about indie and the music industry in general. I just needed to feel like someone was on my side. So thanks for your blog, I guess. It makes me feel less alone in the world, from time to time.

Comment by Kate

yay :D

Comment by your lovely sister

Ah, and your lovely sister is in fact not your lovely sister. It’s actually Sara, Travis’ lovely sister. A long time ago when I commented his blog, I wrote that. And now it’s in there every time that I come on here and I always forget to change it. Blah.

Comment by Sara

Hahahahaa. When I saw that on the dashboard, I thought it was my lovely sister, Rachael, and then I realized that the word “lovely” is beyond her vocabulary.

Comment by indiechouette

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