27 April, 2008, 1010 pm
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I found a prom dress.  My mama bought it for me.  I luff it.

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cute! Where did you get it?

Comment by Sara

Yeah, so I think my boobs will fill this out nicely.

Comment by Phelan

JC Penney! Who would’ve thunk it. But it wasn’t the one here–my mom thought we would have to go to the Lehigh Valley Mall to find something. There were just slim pickings at all the other stores, and then I saw this one.

And Phelan, sorry for hatin’ on your boobs. I’m sure they would.

Comment by indiechouette

wonderful :)
So is it true that prom is on the field behind the school this year?

Comment by Sara

Completely, sadly true.

Comment by indiechouette

I like it! I have mine for our prom this coming weekend and i canttt wait. hope you have fun!

Comment by Megan

Your prom is outside? Don’t freeze, please. The dress is adorable.

Comment by Kate

YOU ARE GONNA LOOK SO AWESOME IN THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i lovez.

Comment by divya

Megan, have FUN at your prom, too!

Ya, our prom is outside, but it’s allegedly going to be awesome. Which means mediocre. Haha. I just hope it’s not humid and that it doesn’t rain.

Comment by indiechouette

Ugh, well it should be fun. At least I hope so for you. My junior prom was amazing! And senior year was alright, too. It was all fun! But it’s prom, so it’ll be great for you.

Comment by Sara

Paige! Are you really coming to Philly with us? I’m excited–I love road trips :)

Comment by Sara

Yisss, I am! I’m stoked, too!

Comment by indiechouette

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