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I don’t know how many of you readers are francophiles, but if you are, then I have something très super to show you.

A few months ago in French, my teacher announced that we would be doing a musical project in light of Valentine’s Day. He handed out a webquest and a packet of lyrics and assigned us each a song to translate.

I did the webquest on the day it was due. It was on this French singer named Laure Pester, and I thought it was funny that he was asking us to learn her life story. Allegedly a former figure skater. Née le 2 mai, 1982. Dating some pop singer. So when we got to class, some kids translated some of her songs aloud and we watched maybe two music videos. And I thought it was extremely lame that we were learning about a pop singer and then listening to her songs. Plus, she was squeaky clean. I would rather learn about Yelle or Julia Shammas Holter.

Well, that was all before I heard “Sur Un Air Latino.” It’s such a catchy song, holy shit. The lyrics rhyme and would probably be very cliché to any French person who is not a ten-year-old girl, but I am not française, so it makes me want to sing along. And I would want to dance, but I cannot dance like Lorie.

Another highlight of our Lorie learning experience was “Ensorcelée.” That was actually the song I had to translate. “Bewitched.” I thought the lyrics were so stupid, and then I looked at the video and it was so cheesy–I mean, you had native creeps with bulging eyes who all had to be notably less attractive than the blonde, graceful Lorie. But the song was just as catchy as “Sur Un Air Latino” was, if not a bit more serious. Instrumentation’s not even bad for pop music.

And then my teacher let us watch some of Lorie’s songs in concert. So he showed us this cute Medley and then he let us watch this song called “Parti Pour Zouker,” warning us that it was designed like “Sur Un Air Latino.” I hated her hair in the clip, but this song was arguably the most catchy. It stuck in my head all day every time I heard it (which was often).

So in honour of Lorie’s catchiness, here’s a rather low-quality version of “Parti Pour Zouker.” You’ll get the idea, though. It’s a good song. I would never put it on a mixtape, never give it to a boy, but I get a kick out of it for myself.

Parti Pour Zouker | Lorie
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Lorie’s MySpace

Lorie, though, has changed her image a bit since the tracks on her Greatest Hits album. She’s a little more sexual, a little less American (in several of her early videos, you see subtle allusions to America, such as red, white, and blue outfits, flags on her tee shirts, and American English sayings on her clothes). She has tapped into her inner Frenchwoman, which should not have been hard, considering that she is French.

I enjoy “PLAY” because it sounds less pop than some of her other songs. I have not attempted to translate it, but it makes up for what “Je Vais Vite” lacks (uniform instrumentation–the lack thereof makes it feel very late-70s/early-80s). It’s sexy and modern, and you could certainly dance to it. The video demonstrates this quite well. Lorie is like a blonde Posh Spice now–she’s all grown up. She still manages to look young, though, which is something Posh Spice could never pull off–maybe because of her dark features.

PLAY | Lorie
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Anyway, why am I writing about Lorie? I am fairly anti-industry, pro-indie. But I enjoy her music regardless of the fact that it is pop because it is in French. Additionally, I think that people could do wonders remixing the better ones–such as the ones I’ve written about. But I can’t remix shit. There are some remixes on her MySpace, by the by, but I think other people could do better. You know, get more creative.

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I’m obsessed with Avril Lavigne. The early years. I’m not even kidding you.

Comment by wellwell

Interesting point of view about Lorie from a non-french person (I mistakenly arrived on this blog btw, but this article intrigued me…)
I am French, and understanding what she is singing, and knowing her public image makes me intentionnally obscure any aspects of her music.

I guess Lorie here would be like an early Britney Spears, less talented though and far more naive.

Still, when she had her breakthrough (and I was 15 and had questionable music tastes hmm hmm), her first song was kinda okay, which was called “Près de moi”.

But I can see an Arcade Fire link below, so stick to that, and Lorie is far from being the best French artist to listen to ;)

Comment by Kris

You know, I went into this wondering what people would think because yeah, Lorie is an early Britney Spears. And I’ve never really come close to writing positively about a pop singer. Not as far as I remember, at least. But I think I will follow your advice and stick to what I conventionally write about. Haha.

Also, Sara, I went through this phase in eighth grade and freshman year where I listened to Avril Lavigne obsessively because I felt that she summarized my angst perfectly. And as much as I make fun of her now, and as upset as I am that my musical taste did not blossom until sophomore year, well, listening to her recalls some memories. I enjoy singing along when I can.

Comment by indiechouette

You see, the thing with me is that I have a few friends that hate the music I listen to. And in my opinion, a car ride isn’t a car ride unless everyone is singing along to what’s playing through the stereo. So I have to put Avril Lavigne in because that’s what everyone knows. But secretly, I love her first album. It’s really genius. Everything after that went so downhill.

Comment by wellwell

trés interessante… btw i discovered yelle on mtv while i was watching an “america’s next top model” marathon…that’s pretty bad. but she’s kinda nifty too. i love her outfits.

Comment by divya

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