4 April, 2008, 1136 pm
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Going to the Coffeehouse has renewed my interest in metal.  Metal, metalcore, hardcore.  Hxc.  LOLZ.  I do not know if this just a temporary thing, but I want to dig up ye olde Fall of Troy, Chiodos, et cetera, et cetera.  Norma Jean.  My mother hated it when I listened to that.  She still dislikes my current music, but it is tolerable.  It seems like centuries ago that I listened to metal.  It must have been sophomore year.  Do not get me wrong.  I picked and chose a few bands, and I did not get too heavy into it.  I did not always care for the voices, but I did always admire the guitars and bass and drums and the pure skill of the players.  That is what I am going for now.  And maybe I will learn to love the voices.  Grow accustomed.  If you have any recommendations, throw them my way.  I am trying to expand my musical tastes.

I am also rather smitten with listening to Rilo Kiley.  I may be alone, the only person in the city who admires Jenny Lewis.  But I do not know why.  Feel her voice.  Listen to the lyrics.  Blake Sennett–while he is no metal guitarist, he is fly.  They made a mistake with Under the Blacklight.  Now forgive them and listen to their older albums.  You do not have to go as far back as The Initial Friend EP or even Rilo Kiley.  Just get the other three and actually listen.  I am so lonely in my little world.  The soundtrack to my life is provided by Rilo Kiley, but nobody else seems to hear it.  It seems that everyone has forgotten how to appreciate a female* singer.

*I must add that there is a male singer to Rilo Kiley for many songs–Blake Sennett.  He is the lead.  The founding force.  But I am advertising for Mademoiselle Lewis right now.


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Metal, eh? You should listen to some Wolfmother. They are my favorite metal band, I think.

Comment by Phelan

umm i think dream theater would fall under that category? but they’re good. i like.

Comment by divya

and i’ve heard very good things about wolfmother, so i guess i second phelan’s comment.

Comment by divya

Mastodon. I don’t even like them, but some of there songs are about Moby Dick, and that’s awesome. Besides, I don’t even listen to metal.

Comment by wut?!

I secretly love me some Chiodos. You should check out Circa Survive, they’re “metal-esque” but there’s no screaming. They take a little getting used to, but it is worth the effort, I think.

Comment by Kate

MASTODONNNN. I shall look them up, by all means. Just because of the comic, really. Because that is what I am looking for.

Haha. Somehow, Chiodos is strangely popular over yonder. When I listened to them, I thought they would be far less sinfully mainstream than the Fall of Troy or whatever. And I never thought about Circa Survive, but my cousin’s boyfriend did mention that he was into them, as did one of my pals. Thank you for that one.

Comment by indiechouette

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