3 March, 2008, 1108 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

GUYS!  I need some help.

I’m filling out a job application and I have a few questions.  This is my first job.  Well, my first potential job.

First, under the “Education History” section, it has a column for “Subjects Studied.”  Do I put everything I’ve studied in high school?!  I’ve taken loads of classes.  Let’s see, English every year, Health and PE 9, Health and PE 10, Honours Earth Science, Honours Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geometry, Honours Algebra II, Math Analysis, Calculus, French I, French II, French IV, Band, Gym, Fabrication and Textiles, Design in 3-D, Honours World History II, Honours US History, AP Government and Politics, yeah, and a few more.  Or should I just put what I’m taking this year (which is still loads of classes)?

Second, under “General Information,” it asks whether I have any “Special Training/Skills.”  Can I put down that I am proficient in French?  Or does that not belong there?  Do they even care?

Third…I have no idea what to put for “Position,” “Date You Can Start,” or “Salary Desired.”  I’m applying at a café  downtown, and I’m really not sure.  I can start as soon as necessary and I’d be happy getting paid, period.

If you can help me out, thank you so so so so so much.  I’m incredibly nervous.