19 March, 2008, 1156 am
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I am in English class and we have a free work period.  I feel like I have expended all my creativity for the week.  Tomorrow, the seniors have school over what is officially supposed to be our Spring Break.  We have been gypped, but I guess nobody else really knows what they are missing out on, since they grew up with this nonsense of an extended weekend as Spring Break.  This is the first time, though, that I have nothing to look forward to over break.  And it would be different if it was longer.  I have no plans in or out of town, and I will probably spend it like any regular weekend, which means that I will waste time on the computer and probably play far too much RuneScape–because my mother has the car and she is at Jan’s.  Or dare I say, “Jan’s.”  I might get a haircut, too, this weekend, and maybe I’ll rent some videos.  I will definitely work on my senior project, which (contrary to the boredom some of you must picture) will actually be amusing.  Relaxing, I suppose.  I just wish it was warmer outside.


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Thanks for the comment on my blog about vegan waffles.

Whereabouts are you from?

Comment by Billy

Wow, that is in conservative country.

How far are you from Wilkes-Barre? There’s a great Wegmans there.

Comment by Billy

I am very familiar with PA, as I go to Shohola (near Milford) every year. Do you know where that is?

Comment by Billy

I’m excited to see what you do with your zine. Could be pretty spiffy.

Comment by swaziprincess

OH. :(((((((((((((

call me whenever (i probably have work saturday night 5-close but apart from that). we need to catch up big time!!!!!!!!

Comment by divya

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