3 March, 2008, 1108 pm
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GUYS!  I need some help.

I’m filling out a job application and I have a few questions.  This is my first job.  Well, my first potential job.

First, under the “Education History” section, it has a column for “Subjects Studied.”  Do I put everything I’ve studied in high school?!  I’ve taken loads of classes.  Let’s see, English every year, Health and PE 9, Health and PE 10, Honours Earth Science, Honours Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geometry, Honours Algebra II, Math Analysis, Calculus, French I, French II, French IV, Band, Gym, Fabrication and Textiles, Design in 3-D, Honours World History II, Honours US History, AP Government and Politics, yeah, and a few more.  Or should I just put what I’m taking this year (which is still loads of classes)?

Second, under “General Information,” it asks whether I have any “Special Training/Skills.”  Can I put down that I am proficient in French?  Or does that not belong there?  Do they even care?

Third…I have no idea what to put for “Position,” “Date You Can Start,” or “Salary Desired.”  I’m applying at a café  downtown, and I’m really not sure.  I can start as soon as necessary and I’d be happy getting paid, period.

If you can help me out, thank you so so so so so much.  I’m incredibly nervous.


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I would put some of the more important subjects…maybe leave out PE and health and whatnot? Up to you…hm. As for general information I think they are looking for skills you are good at. So if you are good a french, I’d put that down. And thirdly, I’d say exactly what you said about. That you are ready and able to work whenever and any starting salary would work.

Hope that helped!

Comment by swaziprincess

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU. subjects studied…no idea, check at the café what they mean, because that could be anything to just saying you’re a senior in HS or practically giving them your transcript. special training/skills….they’re looking for what you can do, if you have any skills you are really good at, so definitely list that you speak french in there. it shows that you’re cultured. and that you’re smart. it can’t hurt, and maybe the owner is a francophile too. :)
position— such as, cashier or cook or waitress or seating hostess.
date you can start— just tell them that you go to school so you can’t work during school time, etc, but that you’re able to and happy to start asap.
money— list a little higher than you want/expect, because they’re probably gonna whittle it down slightly anyway. btw minimum wage is supposed to go up soon so if they do give you MW, don’t fear for too long.

have no fear, i think you’d do very well!! if there’s something i know from pauline and my job experiences though, be prepared for stupid people, and if you are allowed to accept tips, that’s really good. because i’m not allowed at my job, but pauline is at hers. and she makes like 3 times what i do in the same time because of it.

Comment by divya

here’s my advice for whatever it’s worth. and i’m OLD (compared to you, at least), so i’ve been through a few of these.

1. i’m with swazzi–put the subjects you like, you’re good at, and that you plan to study in college. in general, i’d put whatever subject lines up with the job you’re applying for.

2. definitely put down your French skills, especially if you’re fluent. no, they probably won’t need your French skills, but it shows a certain intelligence and drive that you’re able to learn and speak another language. they’re not always looking for some specific skill set here, but what that skill set reflects about you.

3. divya is correct on all counts. just be very honest about when you’re available to work and about what type of work you’re willing to do–if you’re willing to do anything, say so. for salary, i’d ask around and find out what the type of job you’re applying for typically pays. stay in that ballpark, but definitely ask for a little more than what you’re expecting. you never know–you just might get it.

hope that helps. good luck!

Comment by puttysauce

A million people have already helped you with this…but anyway. I figure I’ve applied for jobs EXTREMELY recently, and I think I applied at Mya’s back when I was first turning 16, but I can’t remember. And we had to take this seminar on job applications here. Weird. Anyway…

Don’t put all the stuff you studied in high school. That question is pretty much for college students to put their majors. For special skills, if you think you’ll be using a computer write that you have extensive/basic knowledge of Windows or Mac OS, whichever you have. If you think that French will be helpful, sure, put it. It can never hurt. For position, literally put what you want to do. Wanna be a “barista,” put that. And for salary, it’s always safe to write “To Be Discussed.” They’re gonna pay you what they’re gonna pay you. When you get hired, then you can talk about it. Since it’s (probably) you’re first job, you’re not going to be getting paid a lot anyway, and PA has this ridiculously low minimum wage. And since it’s not some big company that has loads of money, and just a cafe that has the possibility of going under, you’re not going to get paid a lot either. But it’s money and the world experience is important to put on college apps too, which you probably already have finished, but ah well.

Comment by wellwell

Alright, first of all, I would like to thank you much for that last comment. I’m sitting in my school’s library right now, trying to revise an article for my Magazine Writing class. It’s due tomorrow, and I had a meeting wtih my professor today. She basically told me that I sucked and this isn’t my thing. So I’m about to break down in the library and then I read your comment. So thank you so much!

And um…yeahh. The cafe thing. Maybe I should have some experience with working in a cafe first. Which I don’t. But I do love grocery stores. Seriously, I would drop out of college and work at Weis for the rest of my life if it didn’t mean living in my parents’ house until I died. But I have this crazy dream of owning a grocery store as well.

But you know what? I had to interview the owner of this boutique here last week. And she has a degree in graphic design, but she decided she’d rather own a clothing store. So she did it. I admired that so much. I actually have a quote from her right here:

“I definitely believe that people should not be scared. It never happens unless you start the process. Once you start it, it all sort of falls into place. People are scared to do things they don’t have experience in. It’s just that first step.”

Maybe we should consider that. The store’s extremely successful. She’s opening up a mini-chain in Boston.

Comment by wellwell

Oh! And are you applying at Cherry Alley? Or Zelda’s? And is Mya’s still even open? Dear lord. I haven’t been to Lewisburg in WAY too long. BUT I COME HOME TOMORROW!! :D

Comment by wellwell

To tell you the truth, they really don’t care about anything. Most applications don’t even have enough room to include every class you’ve ever taken.
You should put General studies, but if it has enough room list a few and end with “etc.”
They usually don’t care about skills either, but you can include that also.
Jobs stink. Watch out for bitches.

Comment by Erika

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