18 February, 2008, 835 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

Brought to you by Fracas
1. The Magnificent: Name someone you absolutely adore, and tell us why.
Liz and I have always been tight, but hanging out with her in December rekindled the flame.  We had new material to talk about, and I think that us being older and accepting that we’re growing up differently has made us closer than ever.  Our opposite natures compliment one another.  For example, she’ll sing for a living and I’ll write about her music for a living.  She’s always beautiful, her sarcasm has brought me close to pissing myself from laughter (at the very least, it’s rendered me incapable of speaking due to excessive giddiness and laughter), and even though she’s quite the joker, she’s still incredibly rational and gives excellent advice when I’m in need.  Plus, she’s a good secret keeper, and one of the few people I trust with everything.

2. The Muddy: Tell us something about life you just don’t “get”.
When I want to be in a relationship, nobody else does.  When I don’t want to be in a relationship or can’t be in a relationship, everyone crawls out of the woodwork and comes a-knockin’ on my door.  It’s not like I ever even crave a relationship, because I don’t thrive off of attention, much less any attention thrown my way from desperate males.  It’s more that those I pursue with genuine, wholehearted interest are generally disenchanted or just plain uninterested in me.

3. The Magnetic: Name something or someone good (or bad) you’re drawn to and you just can’t help it. Tell us if you want to change this or not.
Flats are an incredible style of shoes that do three things for me.  One, they generally allow me to walk as though barefooted, which is nice.  Two, they highlight my height, which doesn’t amount to much, even when I’m not slouching (which is rare).  Three, they make my feet smell rancid.  But I love them in all their simplicity.  I guess I wish I was drawn to a better-smelling shoe, or maybe I just wish flats smelled better.

4. The Mainstay: Who or what is something you just can’t live without? Why?
Yesterday, Brent asked me a “Would you rather” question.  Would you rather have no eyebrows at all or have a unibrow/monobrow?  My answer?  I’d rather live with a unibrow because at least I could groom it to look just so.  I couldn’t live without eyebrows.

5. The Masquerade: Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t already know.
Hm.  I’ve never had a piercing, even on my earlobes, and I don’t really plan on getting a piercing, either.  However, if I did happen to pierce my ears, then I’d probably get really tiny gauges.  It’s crazy and ridiculous and I know some people find them ugly (plus, they’d stretch out my ears a bit–but not beyond the healing point), but if I’m going to get a piercing, then I’m going to go all the way.  For the record, though, I currently see no point in getting my ears pierced, especially because I can’t tolerate pain.

6. The Mettle: Tell us about a time you showed courage in yourself, or tell us what you wish you had the courage to do.
In history class last year, we held a classwide debate about gay marriage.  My teacher asked me my opinion on gay rights, and I was frozen for a minute because I’d never really gotten the opportunity to openly express my opinion on a topic so near and dear.  I told him something along the lines of, “Love is love and gay people are just that–people, and we shouldn’t discriminate.”  Most of my class snickered and roared at me condescendingly, but two of my classmates stuck up for me.  I was shaking after class, but I’m glad I got that out there.  And I don’t regret it.


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