20 January, 2008, 946 am
Filed under: Music, My Experience with Existence

You know what’s funnay? A year ago (almost excactly a year ago), I wrote a post about how much I admire Régine Chassagne, and just now, people are finding it and fuckin’ devouring it and reading what they have to say REALLY makes me feel weird. I reread the original post and most of it’s pretty damn sarcastic. Rather gruesome, right? For example, I implied several times that I’m either lesbian or bisexual (which is cool, except for the fact that it would be me blatantly lying) and that I’m just a creeeepy stalker. It’s okay, though. Or I guess it’s not okay; I can be quite the sketchball. And now these people are going to take my MySpace link because they’re wondering, “Who is this?!” And then they’ll read my Music section, where it says, “Fanatical About:” and they’ll think, “DAMN STRAIGHT, SHE’S FANATICAL. GOTTA QUARANTINE THIS ONE.” I took the words out of your mouth. Ahh, not that I mind all too much because I like hearing something different from “the usual” and now I know what not to try and execute. I guess I should try and make my sarcsam more blatant or put a little note at the end of the post saying, “I’m fuckin’ kidding.” Then again, this was a year ago when I was sixteen and I was probably a creep. All the trauma from moving has probably washed some of that off. Probably not all of it, though. Actually, fuck this paragraph. I’m way defensive of my facetiousness. You can tell that I don’t get enough nay-sayers because when I do, I have to write about it in a new post.

N. E. Way. I’m going to lunch at Tropical Smoothie Café aujourd’hui with Jay. Before that I may chill with Derek some. Around 430, I get to see my beloved Divya, and after that, it’s TRIAD TIME. OHMAHGAWD. I’m actually assuming that last part, Triad Time, but I guess I’ll call and set it in stone later. Like, later.

Here’s a Sunday song. :) I don’t normally makes smilies.

Ruining the Sundays | James Figurine

Time for me to take a cold, freezing shower or something because my father’s maison has no hot water currently! YEAH!


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haha you’re my beloved paige too. 4 lyfeee.

Comment by divya

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