20 January, 2008, 105 am
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I’m in Richmond near all the people I miss on a daily basis.  And right now, I miss Lewisburg and all the people I see on a daily basis.

Richmond has changed.  I think that being away from it for an extended period of time has made me completely glorify it in my mind.  Raise it up on a pedestal, if you will.  But riding around, seeing everything again for the first time in months, I realize just why I enjoy living in Lewisburg.  Everything here in Richmond’s so commercial.  It’s so developed.  There’s no nature.  You can’t walk anywhere after school, there are no local businesses, and there’s nothing to do.  I mean, I think I could tolerate living in the city city, where everything’s even more impersonal and developed (where you still have your local shops), but not in the suburbs of a large prim and proper town like this.  I like Lewisburg because even if there’s not always something to do, you can walk essentially anywhere, you don’t need a car or license, and everything’s so fucking beautiful.  That’s a treat in itself.  There’s nature everywhere.  You can sit on your front porch and eat a meal during the summer.  Seriously.  I’ve never been able to pull that shit before.

Anyway, my dad has exercise tools here, like a bike machine thang, old school, so I may take advantage.  Even though I’ve lost weight and allegedly look skinnier than I did in November?!

Well, I have no muzakkk for you tonight, but I suppose I’ll get some for whenever I post next.


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agreed, i hate suburbs.

Comment by divya

I completely agree with this. I go to college in Boston, and I never thought I’d miss Lewisburg so much. You described how it is so well! And even though I love the city so much, it’s just that Lewisburg is so small and cute, everyone so friendly. I miss it more each day!

Comment by Sara

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