18 January, 2008, 1249 am
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This day was momentous.  Some reasons, I’ll share and others, I won’t.

The first shareable, portable reason is some occurrence in art class.  I was sewing up my Arcade Fire bag like a BAMF when all of a sudden, I heard this all-too-familiar tinkling of the piano.  The reason it was all too familiar is that it was my favourite song of all time, “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)” by the Arcade Fire.  At first, I thought I was officially going insane because it was playing rather boldly in my head this time (as opposed to the other times), and then I realized that someone else in the room acknowledged, “Yeah, Arcade Fire.”  Of course, I almost had a heart attack, and I’m pretty sure I know who put it on.  But as I finished making my Arcade Fire bag, Funeral played on, and it really made me remember and reappreciate the glory that is the Arcade Fire.  Reignited that there fire.  Thus, I had cravings to listen again all day once the album was  over.  It made my day for quite a while.  I love the Arcade Fire.  I love hearing that other people love them.  I love dancing to them.  I love thinking about dancing to “Haiti.”

Then after school, Brent and I both got frostbitten toes in the snowy park and drank his delicious beverages and talked.  I shall not exploit it all, but I will say that when we both returned home to our computers and AIM, mark this, he said, “lol.”  And he says it’s the only time he’ll ever say it.  You know why he said it?  Because I play Runescape.  VALID, yeah.  Bee tee dubz, we iz dating.  I know that’s worthy of something far greater than a bee tee dubz, like an oh-em-eff-gee-zee or an oh-em-gee-smiley-face, but there’s a combination here of wanting to remain nonchalant for your sake, as the reader, so you don’t get confused, and also…how else would I tell you people?  Nonchalant mentionings, that’s how.  It’s a grand time.

Anyway, because I love the Arcade Fire’s muzakkk so, soo much, voilà, une chanson.  Tu peux danser.

Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) | The Arcade Fire


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who’s brent? man we have so much to catch up on this weekend.

Comment by divya

this is completely unrelated but i think you’d like this song…

In the Bath by Sea of Is

Comment by : ]

Fuck, I guess I shouldn’t have called your bluff on the el-oh-el. At least the experience has left me noticeably wiser.

Comment by Brent

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