It’s rare, so fucking rare for me to meet people I enjoy being around, who honestly interest me.  People who don’t mind any awkwardness.  Over the past month, though, I’ve been engulfed by the most captivating and genuine group of people.  And the group keeps growing in size and interestingness.  Even this week.

Before I say anything crazy, I’ll just give you a track that has been sitting patiently on my computer for a while.  That’s not to say it’s unlistened to, but a new friend reintroduced me to it via the music video, which reminds me vaguely of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, which is a grand movie.  I would, by the by, give you the Final Fantasy remix, but I think that’s good for another day.  Like, when I’m not fucking tired out of my MIND like you don’t even know.  Yeeeah.  It would also be a good idea to post the video.  Shruggity shrug shrug shrug.  Oh well.

Your Ex-Lover Is Dead | Stars

Fine, fuck you and your guilt trips.  Here’s the video.

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I really like that song, that and “Celebration Guns” are the two best songs on that album. The drummer must be wondering why he agreed to do the video. I bet his pelvis is crushed right now.

Comment by thealid

eternal sunshine, final fantasy music…who are you? only one of the coolest people ive never met. the first line of your post is almost verbatim of what one of my very good friends said. we have a hard time keeping in touch but he always says that he can read people so well that it’s difficult for him to find people who fascinate him and keep him from getting bored. ill have to check out that song too – deathcab for cutie is putting out a new album in may, although you might alreayd know that. sorry for lack of punctuation, grammer, and spelling…

Comment by amateurish

Thealid, you neglected to mention Soft Revolution.

Comment by Brent

i’m glad the group of ppl is growing =D

Comment by divya

Oh my goodness, this is my favorite song of all time.

Comment by Sara

that’s terrible embouchure, haha. i like the song a while bunch though.

Comment by Kate

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