Before I start with this post, I have to warn you that I’m dizzy, so if something doesn’t make sense…that’s why.  And also, I need to throw out a Happy Birthday to Lizzypoo, who is my bcf.  As in, best cousin forevahh.

Last night, after a nice fulfilling conversation on AIM, which is my only means of communication with the real world, I went to bed at 1 o’clock with a sore throat.  And then I half-woke up at some random time and I had the chillsz for a couple of hours, which was actually loads of fun because I had three warm blankets on and was totally trippin’.  It reminded me of how sometimes when I was little and either really sick or really tired, my mom would let me sleep in her bed, and my depth perception would get all fucked up, and the television seemed miles away even though it was probably seven feet from my head, and everything seemed so surreal.  Last night, I was certain that I was going to puke on my teddybear, Mu, but I didn’t move him or anything.  He could take it like a man, I guess.  And then I woke up at 6 in the mawning and asked my mom if I could stay home.  And she let me.  SHE ACTUALLY LET ME.  NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  I was purty glad.  I slept on and off until 3:30, and now I feel like the most productive person ever.  I’m cleaning my room and I’m starting on Calc homework and I’m going to do Physics.  After laying around helplessly for an entire day, I guess you sort of have to feel like that.

I have a few songs for you today, and you may have heard them all before.

A while back, I posted “Float On” by Modest Mouse.  I always loved hearing it on the radio when I was into that sort of thing (radio listening), and I guess that’s why it calms me down when I hear it now.  Spencer told me to check out a different song by Modest Mouse, saying that it was atmospheric.  I heeded his advice and listened, and indeed, he was right.  So in honour of that well-directed advice, I present you with the song Spencer pointed out.

The Ocean Breathes Salty | Modest Mouse

I’ve been talking to Phelan quite a bit lately.  Well, not really over the past few days, but you know, recently.  He’s always eager to recommend new music, which I appreciate since his taste isn’t offensive.  Let me correct myself.  He points out music that’s been around for a while that I’ve overlooked.  Somehow, in my obsession with 90s alternative music, I skipped over Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Phelan, however, brought them up, and I was reminded of third grade, when I used to listen to B103.7 (80s, 90s, and today) from my Barbie alarm clock radio right before I went to bed.  Good times.

Scar Tissue | Red Hot Chili Peppers

He also reminded me of Oasis, which was a noble thing to do, since I’m sure they were another one of those B103 bands.   He pointed out just two songs, and I’ve since become addicted.

Champagne Supernova | Oasis
Wonderwall | Oasis

Today, two books arrived in the mail from my father as a part of my Christmas presents.  I’m glad, since I have lots of books lined up in my queue right now.  Well, the two books that arrived today were both Miranda July masterpieces.  One is No one belongs here more than you.  The other is Learning To Love You More, which is a compilation of assignments created by Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July and completed by all sorts of different people all over the world.  Learning To Love You More reminds me of Post Secret.  I want to do the assignments, maybe with friends.  I’ll start soon.


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i love those assignments, absolutely nifty ideas!

Comment by divya

Wonderwall is one of my absolute favorite songs.

Comment by swaziprincess

if you want some real, good Modest Mouse, just pop in their entire The Moon and Antarctica cd. it’s one of my all-time favorites and definitely more layered than their two most recent releases.

Comment by puttysauce

I prefer fake Modest Mouse.

Comment by wut?!

Indeed, I am wise. However, “puttysauce” is well informed. The Moon And Antarctica and The Lonesome Crowded West are strokes of genius. I don’t know if this is on topic or anything, but you may like Pelican. Instrumental metal in major keys. Completely unconventional and makes my day.

Sickness is an incredible twist of life. It causes you the worst of feeling, but I can not remember a more vivid and indescribably remarkable dream than that of a fever dream. It can make for an interesting day.

Take it easy.

Comment by Spencer

i’m quite sick of listening to pop songs like lady gaga that is why i shifted to alternative music “

Comment by Schematic Diagram :

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