8 January, 2008, 956 pm
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I want to run right now. I don’t know where to. I don’t care what clothes I wear or how chilly it is outside. I just want to run. Running right now, in the dark, with no one around would make me happy, almost like crying on someone’s shoulder while they listen and hug, or confiding some momentous secret in someone you never thought to trust. It would make me feel free.


Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis can always capture my feelings perfectly.

More Adventurous | Rilo Kiley


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Omg wut happened to j00 blawg?

Comment by wut?!

Yo mama. Dat’s wut.

Comment by indiechouette


Comment by wut?!

[…] Lewis’ reputation as an indie style star is well earned.  The gold, shimmering dress she wore looked almost vintage but for the […]

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i look like you and i feel the same way Jenny and you are great singer and great actress and i like to be your friend email me back


Comment by nicole

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