This past weekend, when I had time to listen to music (which was rare), it was one of three things.

Elliott Smith. The soundtrack to Across the Universe. Tegan and Sara. I know what you’re thinking. “Awesome.”

Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith is dead. He has also been underappreciated on my blog. I haven’t given him enough lovin’. The truth of the matter is that I idolize him, but I don’t know how to go about presenting that. His voice is so soft and tender, it’s like…why’d he have to die? I have this cover he did of “Jealous Guy,” and at the beginning, he’s talking, he says, “How ’bout a cover? Any whistlers in the crowd? This is your big chance…there’s a whistle solo.” He says it, but it feels like he’s singin’ it, it’s that gentle. I like Elliott Smith. I just don’t know how to appreciate him. I know it would kind of seem like dancing on his grave to post some songs, like, “Fuck yes! No one makes money off these anymore!” but trust me when I say that I don’t mean for it to appear that way.

It’s pretty common knowledge that “Waltz #2” is my favourite Elliott Smith song, so I shall try and do something different here.

Little One | Elliott Smith
Shooting Star | Elliott Smith

Mainly, the “Shooting Star” guitar. Yeeeah.

Across the Universe

Across the Universe was a “good” movie. Problem? I haven’t seen it yet! Balls. HOWEVER, the soundtrack kicks ass. Major ass.

I’ve Just Seen A Face | Jim Sturgess

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara are twins. Identical twins, actually. Thanks to my sistahhh, I’ve been listening to their one song over and over and over and over and over again, but I found a pretty sweet-ass remix that I’ll put hyahh fer yous guys.

Back In Your Head | Tegan and Sara
Back In Your Head (Tyler Fedchuk 1/2Alive Disco Remix) | Tegan and Sara

Invisible Monsters

While I’m writing about amazing things, tonight, I finished a book that Ali lent me. It’s called Invisible Monsters and it’s by Chuck Palahniuk, who is probably best-known for Fight Club. I can’t describe this novel to you, but I can tell you that if people actually read Chuck Palahniuk’s books (or just read in general, fuck) instead of just watching the movies based on his books, then wow. Maybe people would remember this one instead of Fight Club. Then again, I dunno. I’ve only read one of his books. I know I have to read more now, though. I suppose that once you go Palahniuk you never go back. Maybe.


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i was living in Oregon when Elliott (allegedly?) committed suicide. the whole I-5 corridor between Portland and Eugene went into mourning as if a statesman had been assassinated. when i first heard the first few lyrics of From a Basement on a Hill, i felt a ghost in the room.

{i miss you, elliott.}

as for tegan and sara…hmmm, well…i liked their first underproduced, underwritten album, This Business of Art, but now i feel like their producer purposely tries to match their voices to the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

too bad, because their music, though simple, is pretty darn catchy.

Comment by puttysauce

Nice. I <3 I’ve just seen a face, too. I saw the movie just because of that one commercial played to it.

Comment by wut?!

I think he’ll forgive you for not livin’ him enough since he’s already dead. Haha. But seriously – those angsty ones always seem to die too young and I wonder if they’d have it any other way.

Comment by amateurish

Haunted by Chuck Palaniuk is a good collection of short stories. It’s good dipping into every now and again.

Comment by thealid

Love Chuck Palahniuk. I loved Invisible Monsters and Diary both better than Fight Club.
Love Tegan and Sara too. Their new album is really amazing. Back In Your Head is just the tip of the iceberg!

Comment by sarah

I resent the fact that I had to start listening to Elliott Smith so long after he died. I mean, yes, only a few years, and it’s not like one more listener, one more person who empathizes, would have made any difference. Anyway, watching videos, I miss him.

The curse of 27, too, at least he lived beyond it.

Jay, I’m glad we agree on something.

I have yet to read Diary or Fight Club or Haunted, but Diary’s on the queue since I got it for Christmas. And Fight Club, the pal who is lending me books has recommended Survivor next, and she is a Chuck Palahniuk guru, pretty much, so I guess I’ll read it when the time comes. Haunted, I’ve heard good and bad about, but I’ll try it on for size.

And as for Tegan and Sara, I suppose I’ll have to listen more. I only really know a handful of their most mainstream tracks, but…I know quite a bit about the girls themselves from just reading articles and everything.

Comment by indiechouette

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