11 December, 2007, 936 pm
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Currently, I am compiling a list of songs from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”  You should read it, especially if you have social phobia.  It’ll be like a small candle in a very dark room.  Even if you’re not like Charlie in any way, or if you’re a grown-up who doesn’t care, it’s a quick read and it pretty much knocks the wind out of you in how touching and familiar it is.  The book is about a high school freshman named Charlie who writes letters to someone anonymous about his life, and he makes friends finally, feels infinite, and falls in love with someone but keeps it hidden from her because he’s afraid she won’t want that.   I can’t tell you anything else, though; you’ll have to read it.  I’ve written about it before, I think, once.

The Smiths

Anyway, the one song I remember most prominently from the novel is “Asleep” by the Smiths.  Incidentally, I’m wearing my Smiths tee shirt today, which I acquired on sale at Urban Outfitter’s after reading another book influenced by them.

Asleep | The Smiths [buy]

Today I decided that I shall stop thinking about what other people are thinking and experiencing and feeling when I should not be and I’ll just clamp down on school like crazy.  That doesn’t mean I won’t still dwell on how nice people are when someone holds open the door for me or stops by the old ugly green locker 538.  I stopped accidentally staring during classes today, by the way, which makes me seem less like a creep.  Though wearing my glasses makes me feel spacey because I lose peripheral vision when I wear them, so I tend to accidentally stare more than usual just because.

Oh, one more thing.  Derek’s in the hospital right now but he’s not comatose, not injured, and apparently feeling better, which is a jolly occasion.

I’m giving you a song that I was graciously reunited with today, and I fuckin’ love it.  But I think I may take it down after a few weeks, possibly, just as common courtesy.  You should probably check out the blog I found it on.  I probably wouldn’t normally steal that there blog’s thunder, but apparently they are so courteous as to take down songs after a few weeks and I wouldn’t want you to lose the opportunity to hear this song.

Dog | El Perro Del Mar [buy]


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All I can say is…ahhh….the Smiths.

I don’t know why but I Jeff Buckley just popped into my mind. Also, whoever Derek is I hope he gets better soon. Hospitals = No + Fun

Comment by amateurish

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