8 December, 2007, 1258 am
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I’m not facetious or sarcastic anymore!  It BURNS!!!

I’m gaining back my old touch, though, gradually.  And I publicly apologize to the Lieutenant.  Most of you don’t know him.  I don’t think you wanna.

So a while ago, I was watching CNN after school and I flipped out when I heard an Andrew Bird song come on.  However, in about 30 seconds, the commercial was over, and by the time I’d gotten to my computer, I had forgotten the sound.  WELL, today I heard it again from inside my room, thank God I’m the lazy ass I am, and I hereby present to you the Andrew Bird song on some sort of hotel commercial.

/=/ | Andrew Bird


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Newbie visiting – that would be click on the icon?

Comment by Maddy

Haha, nice to see you around! It is a little complicated. Yes. You click on the red link “/=/” and then it should open in a new window or tab.

Then you go to that new window or tab and there’s this little yellow box on the left side of the page.

Inside in blue text, it says, “Click here to start download.”

And you just click that, and it’ll probably ask you if you want to save the file or just open it in iTunes or some other music player.

And then once you’ve contemplated and decided, it’ll start the download!

Comment by leindiemeister

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