5 December, 2007, 1003 pm
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Actually, it snowed earlier today. It’s not ACTUALLY still snowing.


So today, due to being trapped inside and it being very wintery, I shall post a rather nostalgic song. I am rather happy today. The buildup to Christmas is my favourite holiday season. Christmas isn’t all that great or anything, especially since, well, family get-togethers are chaotic lately, but I love how much it’s romanticized, and I love the seasonal music and the movies and being cuddly. And I especially love scarves.

Put Us Back Together Right | Headlights [buy]

PS. You ought to buy their album, Kill Them With Kindness. It’s quite hard to find at rational places where you think you’ll be able to find it, but it’s a seriously sick awesome nasty sicknasty sweet hardxcore investment of time and money. Though, of course, I got it for my birthday in August from un ami after raiding record sections at local not-record stores in the tricounty area around Richmond. At first, I thought it would only be a spring kind of album, but it fits my mood rather nicely lately.


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Love scarves too – I recently got into knitting which kind of feeds the obsession. The Christmas season is my favorite as well for lots of reasons. A great winter book read is called “Blankets” by Craig Thompson. I had some similar experiences in my life which made it more poignant, but it’s one of my favs. It looks long, but it’s a graphic novel so it takes no time at all to finish.

Comment by amateurish

Oh man, do I love scarves. I also recommend “Blankets;” it is quite the winter book.
Incidentally, you should check out a band called “Dear and the Headlights,” they’re rather new but I hope/think you would enjoy them.

Comment by Kate

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