2 December, 2007, 355 pm
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UPDATE: A clever MySpace friend pointed me to MediaFire, so I have no more problems. You still won’t be able to listen to the music in your web browser, but it’s far less annoying than zShare, as there’s no waiting time and there are no annoying ads.  I’m gradually updating all of the download links on this site, but it’ll take a few days.  Thanks for your patience.

Everyone, I’m fixing my links gradually so you can keep downloading like crazy. Just, MediaMax won’t support any more downloads from my account, which pisses me off since they weren’t explicit that there was a limit on that, but whatever. It’s a free site (at least my account is) and I really can’t do anything about it since I’m not paying for it. So I’m going to start using zSHARE and sendspace for the time being, until I can get a free account somewhere else.

In the meantime, to tide you over, I’ll give you a track by James Figurine. It’s incredibly electronic and spacey. My favourite part is about halfway through when it calms down a little and becomes rather atmospheric. Sounds like a highway at night.

Ruining The Sundays | James Figurine [buy]

I know that zShare is annoying with all the clicks you have to do, so I’ll try to find somewhere new to put my music. But I promise that the music you’ll get is worth it.


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Leave a comment is the best. its what i use for y alternate links

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