1 December, 2007, 1155 pm
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Little Miss Sunshine Quick post! Today, after marching in the Lewisburg Victorian Parade, I was exhausted, even if it’s the last parade of the season. So I went home, curled up on the couch, and watched Little Miss Sunshine, which happens to be my favourite movie of all time. You just can’t beat the raw emotions there, especially since they’re connected to family, and mine’s dysfunctional.

Anyway, after watching a movie such as that, it’s natural to want a kiss. It’s just a sweet movie! It’s about love. Then again, everything’s about love.

Well, the music in the film is a fantabulous contributor to the entire mood. Thus, I present you two tracks: the infamous Sufjan Stevens one that will always, for the rest of time, be associated with this movie…and another no-so-infamous track that’s still fuckin’ awesome.

Chicago | Sufjan Stevens [buy]
How It Ends | DeVotchKa [buy]

The first one makes me cry when I listen to it after I’ve watched the movie, and the latter is just beautiful and nostalgic and…ahh gawd. Makes me crave a pique-nique and a kiss. What a fantastic film.

By the way, the picture I’ve posted in this blog is my favourite part of the movie.


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I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for a few months and I feel a little guilty about keeping that in the dark because I really really appreciate your writings here. I have some social anxiety too and definitely feel awkward/self-conscious in social situations (I’d much rather stay home watching Little Miss Sunshine:) It’s a comfort just to know that there are others out there who feel similarly. Your blog has also really impacted my taste in music and you’ve introduced me to lots of great music I never knew existed! I have your Running Mix whenever I go runnin haha. Keep it up and I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that you’re doing a great job.

P.S. I think the link to Chicago might be broken. :( Good thing I’ve just bought the album :)

Comment by Jenny

JENNY! First, I love your name, and second, ahh! I’m so pleased that you read my blog, and I admire your courage for steppin’ out and saying so. It’s a great comfort for me to know that there are other socially anxious people hiding in the nooks and crannies reading. Even if not everyone comes out and says it, it’s a relief to know that people like you will (and do), because that means there’s hope! Hope that there are more out there, I guess. And I’m also way stoked to hear that you’ve been listening to the muzakkk too, especially that there Running Mix. I actually got deeper into this music the same way you did, just surfin’ the blogs. I’ve been working on a few other random mixes, perfecting ones I’ve given to my pals, and I think I’ll post those here soon, too.

Oh, also, thanks for telling me about the links! I don’t normally check ’em, but I guess I’ve been getting lots of downloads in the past week and it turns out that I need a new file sharing site to accommodate more. So I’ve done that and fixed the links.

Anyway, be well! I appreciate your presence.

Comment by leindiemeister

mixes you’ve given to your pals?

You forgot about mine D:

Also, the new file sharing site you’re using is awesome. I saw it used a lot on a site of mine for manga. Not having to wait 10 minutes to read a chapter was sweet. (I’m trying to say it has fantastic download speeds)

(Also, it’s possible they pay me for advertising)

Comment by wut?!

I’m working on yours. It’s just hard. But I’ll give it to you before I upload it.

Comment by leindiemeister


Comment by wut?!

Love this movie –

Some other great ones are Eternal Sunshine of teh Spotless Mind and a more recent one, Dan in Real life was suprisingly good!

Comment by amateurish

I am necessary wish to find

Comment by AginiaGar

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