30 November, 2007, 1010 pm
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A few months ago when I still lived in Richmond, I was browsing Barnes & Noble, my favourite place ever to shop for way overpriced and not really worth it CDs when I came across an act titled The Bird and the Bee. I picked up their album and scanned it under one of those stupid headphone thaangs, played one song, and blatantly laughed at it. Then I called Derek over to listen to it for shits and giggles. I forget if he consented to that or not. Anyway, I definitely didn’t buy it.

The Bird and the Bee

Well, when I was visiting Richmond in August right after I moved, I went out to socialize with my friend Jay who is a douchebag, and after I almost hit his fancy schmancy car without realizing it was his while trying to park (I must be psychic), we eventually ended up at Barnes & Noble. Again. My favourite place ever to shop for way overpriced and not really worth it CDs. Well, I browsed the magazine rack this time and picked up two that I NEEEDED (Blender and Under the Radar), and then we went to Best Buy to play game samples, and then I went back to my padre‘s.

These two stories do connect. About a month into school, I got fucking bored and I needed new music. So I decided to browse these here magazines for new artists to listen to, and I stumbled across a The Bird and the Bee ad. Even though I had laughed in their good-looking faces a few months ago, I decided to give them a second chance, so I looked them up and got a good number of songs and FELL IN LOVE. Not even fucking kidding. What was wrong with me a few months ago?!

So as a sort of apology for our first meeting, I’m featuring The Bird and the Bee today. Inara George’s name sounds like something out of a fairy tale, very Euro-hip, and her voice sounds like something out of a fairy tale, too…very jazz hip but delicate, fluid, and light at the same time. Astoundingly, she’s the daughter of Little Feat’s Lowell George! I guess my padre and I have something in common after all. I’ve also got to throw credit out to frickin’ Greg Kurstin for his awesome, well, what he does in the dynamic duo, cause as Walker from Talladega Nights would say, “I frickin’ love it.”

My Fair Lady | The Bird and the Bee [buy]
Again & Again | The Bird and the Bee [buy]

By the by, my mother says that “My Fair Lady” sounds like “Mr. Sandman” by the Chordettes. Tell me whether or not you agree; I’m still stumped. I can see where she’s coming from, but at the same time…naw. Also, fucking parade tomorrow.


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Both songs have tight female harmonies (don’t read anything bad into that phrase), but other than that, they sound nothing alike to me. Go B&B!

Comment by Ken

Haha, I didn’t think about the double entendre there until you said something about it. But that’s okay. I’m glad you clarified.

Comment by leindiemeister

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