28 November, 2007, 1111 pm
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My first taste of Feist was “Mushaboom.” I don’t care what you think of that song; it’s fuckin’ amazing. It’s appropriate for any feelings of nostalgia, any season, and any car ride. It just stupefies me that some people actually don’t like “Mushaboom.” Fuck you, too.

Anyway, I bought The Reminder for my birthday this year and while I was immediately smitten with some tracks such as “The Park” and “Brandy Alexander,” some chansons kind of slipped on by and I didn’t care to become acquainted with them. Well, thanks to that brilliant Shuffle feature on iTunes, I’ve been able to hear Feist’s lovely voice between tracks by other artists and I’ve re-evaluated the album and my appreciation for little Leslie. While there’s nothing not to like about The Reminder, it’s a very subtle album–soft on absolutely everything except her voice. It’s a nice touch.

I’ve chosen to post an underappreciated piece today. It’s very much une chanson d’hiver, possibly because of the imagery in the lyrics or maybe just because of the whole attitude the song creates. It’s the last track on The Reminder, and a rather appropriate closer. Enjoy!

How My Heart Behaves | Feist [buy]

Also, on a random note, congratulations to everyone who made it into the language Honor Societies. Ah, most especially les français. My fellas.


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So Blender magazine came out with a 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums list in its most recent issue, you should check it out. Albums by Rilo Kiley and Arcade Fire were included, as well as Feist, Elliott Smith, and Bright Eyes. No Death Cab, however, for which I might be writing them an angry e-mail (they also included Ben Gibbard on a list of Top 40 Worst Rock Lyricists in last month’s issue. Blasphemy! No, seriously. I’m upset.)

Comment by Kate

Duuude! Ben Gibbard is actually possibly THE best rock lyricist I’ve ever heard. Though I’m a bit more of a die-hard Arcade Fire/Rilo Kiley/Bright Eyes person, I’ll admit that his lyrics may just beat all theirs. Definitely the Arcade Fire’s, since theirs make little sense sometimes and definitely Rilo Kiley’s because of their latest album. Bright Eyes is a close call, but I’d put him up there with Conor anyway because of the feelings beloved Ben’s lyrics evoke. I’ll be sure to buy, though, and thank you very very much for the tip-off. I haven’t had my dose of Blender in a while.

Comment by leindiemeister

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