26 November, 2007, 859 pm
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I’m gonna get more serious with this here blawggg. First, I need to revamp it a little, then I need to write a little. By “a little,” I mean a little less of my life, a little more for you to drink up. Right? So I’m collecting i n t e l l i g e n c e right now, keep an eye out for some cool changes and lotsa pictures and some extra français on top. More links and more colours for yer poor eyes. Maybe I will create a new top banner–tell me what yeh think I need and what I don’t need.

Here, though, I officially bring back the sporadic Chanson de la Semaine! Except now I’ve changed it to the Chanson du Jour since moods can change so rapidly. Thus, it’ll be more frequent. Prolly.

Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake

About a month ago, I was browsing the albums at F.Y.E. because they always have the most tremendous collection ever. My eyes were drawn to this one painfully bright yellow case, and so my fingers obeyed and picked it up. To my great surprise, there was news of the Postal Service’s Jimmy Tamborello (and of Jenny Lewis in Track 5) on this tiny sticker on the cover! He’s got a project called James Figurine, which is a spin-off from his days in Figurine, and he’s released an album called Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake. Or Mistake times four. Don’t call it that, though. That’s a pet name. I was real excited about this so I bought it, and on the car ride home, I was just itching to give it a test-run.

I gotta tell yeh, though, Mistake times four was a grower. The first few times I tried to listen to this sibling of Dntel (and half-sib of the Postal Service), I got a headache. I mean, Jimmy Tamborello went craaaazy on the electronics, not just regular craaaazy, but bold craaaazy. Thus, if you’re expecting like…a guitar and a few weird sounds in the background, you’re in for a humongous surprise.

However, earlier this month, I dug Mistake times four out of the depths of my gigantic stack of CDs to give it another chance. And this time, since I was ready for it, I didn’t get a headache and found myself relaxing amongst all these electronic sounds. In fact, I’ve decided that Mistake is one of my favourite growers, up there with Neon Bible by the Arcade Fire or Lifted by Bright Eyes. Of course, the latter is a definite unbeatable since that was my first-ever taste of le monde d’indie.

So here, I present you with one of my favourite tracks out of the lot, “55566688833.” How, you ask, do I remember all the numbers in that ridiculously pretentious song title? Listen to the lyrics. Or–I’ll give you a hint. Type it into a text message. Then send it to your mom. And then listen to the entire song. Have some Motrin on hand just in case, because the sounds can be overwhelming. I guarantee that it’ll grow on yeh, though.

55566688833 | James Figurine [buy]


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That was a great song! I’m going to have to get me some of that. It didn’t give me a headache, but then one of the many genres I listen to quite often is industrial, with techno being another, so it seemed quite mellow in comparison!

I love your banner btw. Change it only if you must! :)

Comment by Deb

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