24 November, 2007, 104 am
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

Peppy is our cat.  He’s two years old and he’s been away from home for some time because my mother figured it was enough birth control to just spay our female cats.  Which was bad thinking, obviously, because now our boy cats are essentially strays.  They’re horny.  We haven’t seen Cow since we moved here, and Peppy comes by once in a while to eat food.  I told my mother at the time and still remind her constantly, but it’s like she doesn’t want to see.  Mom, we’ve lost all our male cats now.
Well, Alexa got Peppy to come inside today since Peppy is her beloved.  And Peppy has gained weight.  When I say he’s gained weight…I mean he’s fat.  So fat that you can tell that someone has taken the liberty of feeding him rather generously.  And that’s fine and dandy, but they’ve done him a disservice.  He looks unhealthy compared to his old nimble self.  Keep in mind that he’s young, only two.  And he’s gained the weight rapidly–over the course of perhaps a month.  This kills me.  So someone has been overfeeding our cat and evidence suggests that he has been providing Peppy at least part-time housing.  While this is a kind thing to do, well, he doesn’t recognize us anymore, he’s obese, he’s living as a stray (because we have no idea where he’s been living but the fact that he’s alive is a miracle), and when we do manage to get him home, he’s got to be locked inside moaning for hours on end, completely terrified because he has no idea where he is.  While part of me wants to keep him safe because he’s our kin and our obligation, I’m wrenched in two because I know he doesn’t know what’s really going on.  All he wants is to go outside.  We could still get him neutered, but would that really be our place anymore?  He’s become feral.  And he’s miserable when he’s at home.  Alexa loves him, too, but he doesn’t know her.  He’s just scared, kind of like a kidnapped cat.  He doesn’t think he belongs here anymore.

I don’t think it’s all the move, either–I think it’s Little Poop, aka Moose, Shannon’s kitten who they can’t take care of.  I think he’s scared of new cats.

I know Alexa’s got to be crushed, too.  At least Babygirl still recognizes me when she comes home.


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aw man that’s really sad, i’m sorry!! i hope whatever happens happens for the best<3

Comment by divya

OH YEAH btw i creeped out prachi like woah yesterday. i saw her at the mall and i texted her (she put her number in my phone but she doesn’t have mine in hers) and said hey i just saw you, you’re wearing a jmu shirt. and she texts back and goes who is this? and i’m like DIVYA! and it was fairly hilarious.

Comment by divya

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