19 November, 2007, 1106 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

I feel like I just said something wrong, something overly forward that was said based on too many assumptions and pure, raw emotions and the past and now I just feel stupid.  Or, well, I guess brushed aside is all.  Or not prioritized, but in this situation, there’s no law that says I should be, just because of the way I’ve been.  Such a dick.  It’s now obvious that my priorities, though, have been in the wrong place for a while now, and that I’ve been listening to the wrong songs for the wrong people.  And by that, I mean that I feel completely dejected and completely burned.  Plus, one of my pals isn’t being civil at all, and another doesn’t want to participate, and I just feel isolated.  This time, though, I’ll do my best to hold a grudge.  I do not let anyone call me a liar.

By the by, better post tomorrow on something fascinating.  My mom’s out drinking late again and I hate it.  And I also hate her friends.  That is all.


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