16 November, 2007, 746 pm
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I have to HAVE to see Juno when it comes out. MUST. Some of you are jumping out of your pants and screaming in agreement; others of you probably have your heads cocked to one side with a “Huh?” expression on your face. Well, not really. No one really does thaaat, but you’re probably curiously ignorant. Stupid fucks. Just KIDDINGGGG!!

Juno’s about this chick Juno (played by Ellen Page who is tiiinnnyyy) who’s a cynical, sarcastic misfit teen in high school who gets pregnant by one of her classmates, Bleeker–who’s played by Michael Cera of recent Superbad fame. And she chooses to have the baby and then to give it up for adoption. She finds some parents–one of them played by Jennifer Garner–who seem perfect, essentially, who are looking for a baby. Perfect match. Well, Juno has a breakdown at some point, and so do the perfect parents and I guess they all learn about love and have some laughs in between–but it just looks amazing. Juno’s not your average teen girl character, either, and she doesn’t exactly seem like the type who’d go out of her way to get pregnant. Not motherly either. Ahh, watch the trailer:

The songs from the trailer are, by the way, phenomenal, SO I present you with one of them. It’s called “Anyone Else But You” by the Moldy Peaches. It’s rather mellow and lyrically brilliant. Kimya Dawson’s voice is admirable like that of a best friend, and Adam Green sounds like he doesn’t want to be wherever he is and you just wanna give him a hug.

Anyone Else But You | The Moldy Peaches [buy]

The Darjeeling Limited is another one of those movies. Just two words: Wes Anderson. This means there’ll be hackin’ hilarious but touchingly relateable characters, acompletely original but quirky plot, and hackin’ amaaazing music. I think it’s at the Campus in Town, though, so maybe I’ll see it this weekend. And don’t tell me not to.

I still haven’t seen Across the Universe because it’s not playing in or near Lewisburg–try New York City or something. But I do want to see it awfully badly. Come on. The Beatles. The war. The revolution. Art and music and love. Who doesn’t want to see it?

And finally, last but certainly not least, my life will be mostly complete once I’ve seen Lars and the Real Girl. I have no idea where it’s playing, and I don’t know anyone who’s seen it or wants to see it, but I do know that it’s about a man named Lars who is suffering some sort of emotional crisis and is extremely lonely, who orders a mannequin and makes her into his girlfriend while meanwhile a real girl wants to help him out. And everyone plays along even though it’s a hassle because he seems delusional.

As soon as I see any of these movies, I’ll probably update with some long, heartfelt post, but right now, I need my fix of GHII. Woo!

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UGH. Word. I never get to movies anymore, mostly because of my lack of transportation at college.
Darjeeling Limited and Across the Universe both look amazing…
“You parents are probably wondering where you are.”
“I’m already pregnant, what other kind of shenanigans can I get into?”
That made my day. I definetly need to see that movie. :)

Comment by Kate Flynn

Hahah, yesss. I don’t see movies much either anymore since the closest theatre is forever away. Or, well, there is one close by, but it’s small and it only shows two films at a time. I MAY just have to hit up your El Jay sometime with a comment. I’ll make haste.

Comment by leindiemeister

Due to some drama that has long since passed, my LJ is actually friends locked, but if you have one yourself I’d be more than happy to add you…if not, I’ll probably stop friends locking them soon, because it’s really just not necessary.

Comment by Kate

you bloody yanks! always get the good stuff first :( you already have GH3!

we have to wait 3 days for the goodness of it. and then it’ll probably be sold out.

Comment by adam

Hahaha. I don’t have it yet–I have to wait till Christmas, actually, but yes, it is out over heahh. And I’ve played it with a few friends who have it and LET ME TELL YOU, BOY, it’s worth it.

Comment by leindiemeister

I ought to see these.

Comment by wut?!

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