13 November, 2007, 641 pm
Filed under: Music, My Experience with Existence

Dressing up almost always makes for a good day. I wish I could wear dresses every day. I have like…three and then one that’s a questionable length. So I should probably wear that one over jeans. Yes, I had a good day today.

You should listen to lots and lots of Maria Taylor and lots and lots of Azure Ray. The end of fall always leads me into an intense Saddle Creek mood. It’s insatiable, too. It’s the kind of mood that makes you want to put Christmas candles in the windows and nap with four blankets and eat gingerbread while half-watching those animated shows about Santa Clause that are always on ABC Family. I love the lies they feed to children. I hate that being a grown-up means you have no room to be imaginative or dreamy. There’s something about the scent of pumpkiny spices that just gets me hyped up for cuddling and daydreaming. And the scent of burning wood, and the cold. It’s a totally commercial season coming up, but it’s seriously my favourite part of winter. It’s a great followup to my favourite time of the year, which is when the leaves start falling and I can walk home and crunch them under my feet. I also like the clothes. Fall clothes. It’s probably all because last winter was so amazing. They say that relationships end in the winter more than in any other season, but I don’t understand that. You sort of need someone to keep warm in the winter who will keep you warm. For me, it’s usually spring. The embodiment of restlessness.

Anyway, songs for you. This one’s an oldie but a goodie by Azure Ray and I just found it agaaaain today on the Saddle Creek website. It’s a girl tune and is thus rather flowery and sweet, but since they’re tried and true Saddle Creek girls, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor have a certain bark-like edge to them. And it makes for intensely emotional music.

If You Fall | Azure Ray [buy]

Ahh. It’s quite a chore to have to choose one Criteria song over all the others, but my favourite is “Me On Your Front Porch” because it’s so fucking ridiculous, and I love the guitar. Listen to the beginning, before any vocals, and you’ll know. Criteria definitely brings me back to sophomore year. Oh, man.

Me On Your Front Porch | Criteria [buy]

Finally, I’ll leave you with a Now It’s Overhead track that’s pretty much universal and sets the mood for Thanksgiving. Kind of.

Wonderful Scar | Now It’s Overhead [buy]

PS The only Saddle Creek band I’m not particularly fond of is Beep Beep. But they really, really ask for it somehow. I mean, they’re chaotic but you can’t really jam unless you’re pissed off. Really pissed.


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one day when i have time, i’m going to listen to every single song you’ve posted on here. but i loveeeee “if you fall”.

Comment by divya

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