7 November, 2007, 816 pm
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

Richmond tomorrow!  AIEE.

Tonight, we went to Applebee’s to celebrate Shannon and Alexa making Distinguished Honor Roll at the middle school.  Big fucking deal, but I’ll take a house salad from there any day.  Well, our parents all went over to the bar and started chatting with the health inspector.  And then my mother gave us cash to go over to Sheetz and buy some shit to keep us entertained.  I bought Rolling Stone.  Good fucking choice, because Conor Oberst’s in it, Win Butler’s in it, and there’s even a hacking SWEET photo of Régine Chassagne and Bruce Springsteen.  And then–there’s a map of a bunch of indie bands.  Worth the seven bucks I paid.  Definitely worth it.

When we went back to Applebee’s, our parents were still at the bar, and the health inspector decided to chat it up with us.  He asked our ages and made general assumptions about our age groups–like that we liked fast food.  And I told him I hated fast food and Shannon brought up that I am vegetarian and I added that I want to go vegan and he said that it’s hard but worthwhile.  But he hinted that I probably couldn’t do it.  And he was generally an asshole to me.  He thought Alexa was the smart one, and that she’s the one who constantly pushes ME to get good grades when, in fact, I’m the one who’s always pushing the limit.  And he wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to correct him, and he wouldn’t listen to my aunt when she tried to correct him, so…fuck him.

In fact, fuck most grown-ups.  They just CAN’T understand me–not because they were teenagers so long ago, but rather, because they weren’t teenagers like me.  I’m extremely reserved, cynical, sarcastic, into the environment, fairly politically aware, non-materialistic…the list goes on.  And I don’t feel like dealing with stupid, insensitive adults who can’t and won’t understand my plight.  I feel like the only ones who ever try to understand are teachers, and that’s because they must think there’s something terribly wrong with me.  I just have an anxiety disorder, though.  I’m normal; I just get really worked up when I have to socialize.  And then I dwell on it for days or weeks or years, replaying whatever could have gone wrong.  No big deal.

Anyway.   I’m going to bed.


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bah humbug at them.

EEEP. you have to call or something when you get here, i haven’t seen you since JULY. ='[

Comment by divya

Damn, why do I have to fit into the category of adults now? ;)

Unfortunately, it seems crap like that plagues people generally rather than just adults. Thankfully, there is also a sizable share of understanding, intelligent adults and non-adults around; they’re just harder to find.

Comment by Luke

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