6 November, 2007, 818 pm
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Last night, I had a dream that my mission was to bake some Teddy Grahams in the oven. And I did, but when I pulled them out, I realized that they were teeny tiny mice chained by the wrists and ankles to a baking pan, dying and screaming for mercy. I tried to free them, but I was extremely sad and extremely angry with myself for not checking to see if they were real before cooking them.

When I turned twelve, it was my turn to sit in the front of the van. When Rachael turned twelve (I was thirteen), this created a bit of a problem. I could have been a bitch child and declared that the oldest has authority regarding this and all other things. But instead, I was a fair child and allowed a monthly system developed by my mother. We would trade off months and each child was allowed her birthday month. Since Rachael’s birthday is in January and mine is in August, this worked perfectly. And it still works perfectly, and we don’t question it at all. We just abide. The problem is that Alexa’s going to be twelve in December, and I don’t feel like sacrificing two of my months so she can fit in there like the little n00b she is. I do find it amusing, though, that our birthday months are in months perfect for dividing the year evenly and in order for front-riding.

So here are my recent goals:
1) Cut more dairy out of my diet
2) Bring up Calc grade
3) Bring up Physics grade
4) Take better care of my skin
5) Grow out my hair
6) Do more push-ups so I can beat up my eleven-year-old cousin
7) Stop pigging out after school
8 ) Work on college apps
9) Finish “King Lear” lit crit
10) Clean my room
11) Work on getting my feet to smell better
12) Work on senior project

Trust me, my priorities are intact. Am I going to need to finish my lit crit to make my life better? No. Am I going to need to stop pigging out after school to make my life better? Yes. I’m looking into the future. When I’m thirty-five years young and raising bilingual flower children in my nest of a home in Canada or wherever, I am going to care about how much I weigh. I won’t care about one stupid lit crit, though one stupid lit crit could help to get me into college. Also, when I’m a mom, I’ll delete my MySpace. I promise. As soon as I give birth. And up until then, my “About Me” section will say, “I’m kind of pregnant.” As long as I can keep my Facebook.

Also, I’ve got some music to put up before I start my homework.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, you know I’ve raved about her ever since I saw The Science of Sleep. Well, I’ve decided to rethink some of the music I listen to, and I’ve become enamoured with one of her songs mainly because of the bells! The bells. I love mallets. I normally hate bells, but they’re so gentle in this song. Ahhh. “Little Monsters” is a great track for falling asleep to, or just relaxing to. It makes me feel like I’m sleeping on the beach under a meteor shower at night.

Little Monsters | Charlotte Gainsbourg [buy]

I wrote about Elliott Smith yesterday, and I feel like you all need him on your pods. Mostly “Waltz #2.” It may not be a speedy track. It’s rather sad, but it’s a favourite and I enjoy singing along to it. It’s like being at a middle school dance and looking awesome but having no one to dance with and being constantly denied. And you know there’s some kid in some parallel universe who’d love to dance with you, but that’s too bad because you’re in this universe.

Waltz #2 | Elliott Smith [buy]

Finally, I’m sorry that I have to do this–dive into the pool and hit my head on the bottom–but this song is one of the few that evokes just pure emotion for me. Just makes me wanna cry every time I hear it. It’s the piano, the lyrics, the story behind it, everything.

Brick | Ben Folds Five [buy]

I’m stoked for Richmond, but I’m afraid it’ll be…different. And I don’t want people to treat me differently.

Okay, ONE MORE song for travelling. But only because it’s fall.

Heretics | Andrew Bird [buy]

Just because I’m in the mood for that song. And because you’ll need a tissue when you’re done with “Brick,” and “Heretics” is a pretty good optimistic pick-me-up, despite the lyrics.


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it is not going to be any different when you get back here, at least not with me. obviously i won’t treat you any different, except i’ll have missed you extra.

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