6 November, 2007, 1006 am
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It’s funny that my mother is both mystified and annoyed that I can type so rapidly.  On one hand, it’s second nature–my sisters and I have been using computers since we were three, which is one of the few things our father offered us.  We may not be experts, but we know the basics and we can type like wizards.  On another thing, this creates lots of click-clacking, which is a noise my mother doesn’t particularly like.  In fact, she hates it.  Since she knows neither how to operate a mouse without picking it up, nor how to type with more than one finger.  It gets her where she needs to be, though.  I guess.

Today was established to be a bad day, but it turned out good.  I found some gum under my bed and proved Rachael to be a liar.  That’s always rewarding.

In art class, we did embellishment projects.  Well, actually, first, we did papercutting projects, and this is what mine looks like:


Nothing fantastic, but enough to earn me a perfect score.  Well, we moved on to our second projects, and this vision just came to me: make a bag for a band I’m enamored with.  Well, the vision grew and grew into this:


Fuck yes, sequined straps and all.  I slaved over that.  The buttons, I spilled all over the art room floor.  You kind of have to see it in person.  Room 8 (ROFL), the animal thang from the “It’s a Hit” music video…the anchor button for the end of “A Better Son/Daughter.”  Yeah.  I thought that out.

Alright, well, actual music.  I haven’t given Elliott Smith enough credit, and I don’t think there’s enough credit in the world to give him what he deserves.  He’s just genuine, timeless, pure, and ahh, melancholy.  Delicate.  You know what he’s singing is sad, but it’s so true.  I found this video today, and I’ve decided that if still photographs don’t do him justice, then videos only do him a little more justice.  I think you’d have to see him in person to get him, but unfortunately, that’s not entirely possible.

That’s one of my favourite Elliott Smith songs, possibly besides “Let’s Get Lost” and “Needle in the Hay” because of its use in The Royal Tenenbaums.


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=] i’m glad you had a good day! we didn’t have school today but it kind of sucked but whatever.

Comment by divya

Oh Elliott Smith. I like to inform people that he stabbed himself in the heart with a steak knife, and if you didn’t already know that, well, now you do.

Comment by Kate

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