2 November, 2007, 623 am
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

I just figured out my hairstyle inspiraiton!  I want to get my bangs chopped this weekend, I think, after the SATs, and have the rest of my hair layered.  And I’ll consider dying it darker, but right now, I think that’s sort of unnecessary.

Anne Hathaway

She’s pretty much got simple, dark, and long hair that’s good-looking but could pass as a hippie’s hair, and we have the same dark features like eyes and eyebrows, too.  Basically, I’m excited!

I’m going to go study Calc and Physics now since I’m failing both (possibly literally) because I was stupid enough to take AP of both.

I might post a song later!  And I go to Richmond in a week!  Deep Run v. Tucker!  I’m STOKED.


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good luck on the SATs!! ooooooh that haircut would suit you well!

oh god i know, i wish i didn’t take ap stats or ap physics either. it sucks. although i think you have the worse end with ap calc.


Comment by divya

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