2 November, 2007, 1056 am
Filed under: Music

Dude, panic attacks suckkkkkkkkk.

Lucky for you, though, I have good music to return me to an emotional state of semi-normalcy! Two tracks. The first one’s an oldie (comparatively) but a goodie, and awesome for calmness because of that atmospheric guitar. The second one’s just nostalgic and childish.

Float On | Modest Mouse [buy]
Brandy Alexander | Feist [buy]

Also…a not-so-new comic du jour from XKCD that I found funnay.

Bill Nye

I have band practice tomorrow morning. I will become an icicle and it will be nice.


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Comment by divya

A raptor spots you from 40m away and begins accelerating at 4 m/s to it’s top speed of 25 m/s. You flee and quickly reach your top speed of 8 m/s. How long before you are caught and devoured?

Comment by wut?!

Hahahahaha I considered that one, actually, but it seemed fairly irrelevant. Then again…so was this one.

Comment by leindiemeister

Yeah, but that one is awesome. I mean, it’s a meme, go look up raptors on uncyclopedia.

Comment by wut?!

1. Ocean Breathes Salty is way, ways better in terms of atmosphere. Brock could quite possibly be one of the most brilliant lyricists of our time.

2. xkcd is probably one of the most intelligent and informing comics of our time. That comic has raised my awareness of raptors almost twofold. A friend (Jason T) and I figured out the two problems on the “raptor math test.” Enlightening information.

Comment by Spencer

That’s nothing, I solved the third.

Comment by wut?!

Pfff. I think we would all know what to do in a situation like that. Unless your a raptor n00b.

Comment by Spencer

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