31 October, 2007, 1024 am
Filed under: School

Math PSSAs part one, all but two correct (I forgot to do them).

Math PSSAs part two, all correct.

AP Calculus Chapter 2 test, one half a point out of sixteen possible points correct.  What the fuck?   I hate derivatives.

Tonight, there was some candidate debate for the local governments, and the AP Gov class got to go for much-needed extra credit.  So I went, stood there as a “volunteer” and just listened.  Let me tell you something.  I don’t care how qualified a candidate is; if he beats around the bush answering questions and acts overconfident, I am NOT voting for him!  Even if I won’t be 18 for another 10 months…I would not vote for Lyons if I could vote in this upcoming election.  I’d vote for Johnson.  Lucky and sort of funny that the Democratic candidates won me over, especially considering I was a clean slate of an observer going in there.  GAHH, I DON’T LIKE MOST CONSERVATIVES.  At least the uneducated or ignorant ones (and that includes the ones who can’t distinguish between appropriate times to use adjectives and adverbs).


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ohh god that ap calculus stuff……….i’m doing around the same in ap physics, it’s kinda hard =/

Comment by divya

but i am so glad to be taking ap stats instead of ap calc. i know i’d be failing right out of there if i had.

Comment by divya

I just wikipedia’d AP Calculus (Australian – no idea what that is), but it seems pretty close to the calculus stuff I had to do all this year of highschool.

Um, and yeah I hate maths. Passionately. I want to know the volume of a function rotating around an axis why exactly? Ditto deriving and integrating logs and all that crap.

I regretted choosing it, but I never ever have to do maths again so I’m happy. :)

Comment by surplusvalue

Just a thought: aren’t all conservatives, by definition, uneducated or ignorant? Oh, sorry I forgot that’s the Right. Period. :D

Comment by surplusvalue

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