30 October, 2007, 1247 pm
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Someone asked me to tell them my master status for some Sociology project.  I asked to think on it for a few minutes, and I decided that the term “loner” best fits me.  When I shared, the surrounding group just looked at me and then lowered their eyes as though embarrassed that I’d point that out about myself.  At first I turned red, and then I wondered why.  Because it’s true!  I’m not foremost a student or a sister or a daughter or whatever.  And why would I make up some bullshit response?  Just to make everyone feel comfortable?   My mother says that I think too much about things like this.  But I don’t think that’s possible.

Also…I saw this video about global warming deniers, and it made me pretty angry, even though it was made to persuade the viewer to side with them.  These guys acknowledge that global warming is going on slowly, but they think that humans aren’t really contributing to it that much and that it’s not that big a deal.  It’ll affect our great-to-the-thirtieth-power grandchildren, but why should we do anything to change right now?  That attitude pisses me off.  It’s just like the argument that one vegan isn’t going to change the world, and that it’s stupid to try.  And of course humans are contributing!  We’ve got these huge fucking factories, we’re taking land we shouldn’t have, destroying animal habitats and stealing lives for our own benefit, enslaving innocent animals like they’re inferior–which they’re not.  And I hate speciesists–the people who think that housepets are somehow superior to other animals, too.  Like, dogfighting is not okay but somehow cockfighting is because most people don’t keep them as pets.

Music, though!  Since I’m tired and it’s almost one in the morning, I’ll put a sleepy video today, since my file sharing site is being an ass.  You don’t even have to watch it.  Just listen to the song.  It’s amazing.


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i feel like i would have said the same thing about myself, that i wouldn’t really fit into any other category. i’m not predominantly anything…i don’t think of myself as a sister or daughter or student or whatever either. i wouldn’t call myself a friend or leader or musician. possibly a rebel but not in the common sense. eh?

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