28 October, 2007, 107 pm
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I had a talk about colleges with my mother at Sheetz yesterday (weird, I know, but that’s just where it came up), and I’m currently looking at Kenyon, LSSU, Bloomsburg, Bucknell (though I wouldn’t live here at home if I got in and went there even if it is only a matter of blocks away), and (as a shoo-in backup school) VCU. I’m also considering applying to University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire, but I’m not so sure about that one. VCU wouldn’t be so bad; I’d know people there already and I’d live in the city, and it would be nice. I’d shop exclusively in Carytown, pretty much, and I’d be able to see my high school friends and visit my dad sometimes. I’m pretty happy with my choices. Just terrified of college. Here are two tracks for you.

Middle Distance Runner | Sea Wolf [buy]
Books Written For Girls (Live Acoustic Version) | Camera Obscura [buy album version]


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i just applied early decision to W&M and early action to JMU two days ago. depending on if i get into W&M, i will or won’t apply to other schools.
but as time goes on all i want to do is apply to more and more places. UVA, CNU, and MWash are on my list. VCU might be too.

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