20 October, 2007, 234 pm
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You should remember the Intimates. I still listen to them. They just have a nostalgic sound. Well, recently, I stumbled upon a different band called sweetfang, which is Tess Lecklitner’s solo career, it seems. She’s got four songs posted, so I decided to take a listen.


The instrumentation of sweetfang is as good as (if not better than) that of the Intimates. You can always hear some string instrument (since I’m not versed in those, I’m not sure which it is) in the background, and even the percussion can be a bit diverse–for example, “Bear River” (which is my favourite track; “Keys” comes in a close second). Tess’ voice is also fairly sugary, without being all too sweet. She’s not flashy in her singing style, but this makes for soft, modest songs. There’s also some je ne sais quoi there in her voice and pronunciation that Malory McDonald has–perhaps that’s just the accent of the area or something, or maybe Malory is where she drew her inspiration from. The lyrics are also fairly reminiscent of those penned by her old band, except that hers are significantly more detailed.

Despite all the pros, though, I just prefer the Intimates. sweetfang’s fine, and you should take a listen, but the Intimates had something magical about them. That’s possibly because they’re not together anymore.


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is that a giant chocolate dinosaur of sorts in the picture???

Comment by divya

I think that it’s a three-toed sloth, but I don’t know if it’s chocolate or not. Sure looks like it. Haha.

Comment by leindiemeister

haha okay well sloths are cool too.

Comment by divya

They are the sloths from at the La Brea tar pits! Sweetfang is amazing.

Comment by Grace Denis

Supposing I ever leave the east coast, I’ll be sure to visit those tar pits. Annnd I agree! I hope you realize I have one of the Teen Vogue articles on the Intimates on my wall riiiight next to my mirror. I mean, I don’t know how you’d already know that, but it’s helped me trudge more happily through many an inspirationless morning, as has you-all’s music.

Comment by indiechouette

Haha, The Intimates are long gone and I think Sweetfang has wrapped up but we’re all glad to have inspired you! Thanks for the articles too, we don’t deserve such compliments!

Comment by Grace Denis

I’m totally late to finding any info on what happened to The Intimates. I went to a show they were playing in Santa Monica right before the band broke up. There were maybe 6 bands playing that night and I waited through all of them for The Intimates. Right before their set, the fire marshal came in and shut the show down! And then the band broke up :-( I never got to see them, but have treasured the 2 songs I downloaded from their MySpace page so long ago. So it looks like no one from the band has their own band anymore?

Comment by kellylucky

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