18 October, 2007, 610 pm
Filed under: Music

I am a Youtube junkie lately. For this post, I was gonna bring back a few old songs from the dead, but then I found this video and, well, I feel that this is far more emotional and far more important than any of the other six videos I dug up. It’s a Death Cab for Cutie one, “Different Names for the Same Thing,” and it’s got a middle school orchestra of sorts. It’s a different kind of video. I didn’t catch any aspiring oboists, but I did see a bassoon. And mallets. Vibraphone! The kids’ technique isn’t there, but who cares? They’re young and into it, and it’s a damn good video. Possibly my favourite, after watching it.

And this one’s a journey, but I figured I would include it. The music video’s not much, but the music is. That would be “Easy/Lucky/Fre” by Bright Eyes.


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middle school orchestra……………now i’m nostalgic over stuff. i just had my last ever all county orch tonight.

Comment by divya

That girl who was ‘singing’ freaks me out.

Comment by wut?!

Divya! AWW!

Jay, I know she looks weird, but you need to look at the big picture.

Comment by leindiemeister

I do love Conor Oberst…almost as much as I love Death Cab. :) And for the record, I think that little girl is adorable.

Comment by Kate

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