15 October, 2007, 230 am
Filed under: Barrels of Fun, My Experience with Existence

This may sound weird, but I think that I am going to fashion myself a deck of tarot cards.  I find tarot interesting, and I feel that if I make a deck on my own, I’ll have a deeper connection to the cards and readings may come out more accurately.  I guess I’m in a sort of spiritual standstill right now, and I feel like experimenting a little.  After all, it can’t hurt.  And I’ve always been interested in this sort of thing–astrology, horoscopes, the zodiac, tarot.  So I guess I’ll start today and see where I get.


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Comment by wut?!

that’s really awesome!!!!! let me know how it goes! i always wanted to try but i don’t know how good of a connection i would have to the cards, so i usually have meghan do it for me. which works out well.

Comment by divya

I wonder if this divya is the divya in my AP stats class.

Comment by wut?!

Well, considering she’s the only Divya at Deep Run, I’d say duh.

Comment by leindiemeister

i wonder if this is jay in my ap stats class…

Comment by divya

i’m assuming so.

Comment by divya

Divya, Jay. Jay, Divya. Haha. Woo! You’re in the same AP Stats class!

Comment by leindiemeister


Comment by divya

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