7 October, 2007, 237 pm
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I feel sarcastic today! It’s a good feeling. I haven’t felt sarcastic in quite a long time. This is refreshing. See, sarcasm makes me feel like an asshole, and feeling like an asshole is sometimes liberating.

So it’s music time because I do not feel like writing about what I did instead of going to Homecoming, and I don’t feel like writing about what I plan to do today or how late I got up.


Eisley is fucking amazing. I first head about them when Allison put one of their songs on her MySpace. Allison has impeccable taste in music, so I stopped to listen, and I loved what I heard. I also got into the Like because of her, by the by. In this particular instance, I think the song I heard was “Combinations.” Well, I forgot about them for a few months and then the other day, I decided to play their station on And I heard “Combinations,” melted, listened to other similar bands, and then I heard “Trolley Wood.” And that did it for me.

It’s such a simple song. The thing that made me realize I would like it was the keyboard at the beginning. The lyrics tell us a story about how someone finds a forest where trolleys are rolling around while exploring, then unfinds it, then gets upset about losing it and keeps wondering about it, because apparently it’s a magical place. If you’re not in a cute mood, don’t listen to it. But it’s a good song for walking to school early in the morning.

Probably the coolest thing about Eisley is that their youngest member is my age. The band is made up of family–four siblings and their cousin. Garron DuPree is the one who’s my age, and he’s the bassist. The next-youngest is only a year older than me, Stacy DuPree–and she’s fuckin’ witty. And then when we go all the way up, the eldest is only twenty-three years old. Oh, and the essential Arcade Fire connection–they’re from The Woodlands just like the Butlers. HACKING SWEET.

ALSO, today is the lovely Stacy DuPree’s birthday, which I just now realized. So ahh, BON ANNIVERSAIRE! I guess she’s nineteen!


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that sounds really cool!! i think i’m gonna have to check out some of their songs some time…

Comment by divya

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