4 October, 2007, 1020 am
Filed under: Music, My Experience with Existence

I miss being emo. Star necklaces, Saddle Creek worshipping, Emogame playing, ahh. Converse sneakers. Burned CDs. Um, fishnets anyone? Tons of eyeliner, which came with the added chore of always rubbing the corners of my eyes “just in case.” Abusing the word “ghey,” which I suppose I still sometimes do, rather hypocritically. Going vegetarian, though I did not go veg because I was emo, and I still am a vegetarian, though now I’m more of a strict vegetarian. Actually accepting FOB and not using the term “FOB” in a derogatory manner. Screaming along to Motion City Soundtrack because…fuck yes. Crying while listening to Bright Eyes’ album, “Lifted,” because it made so much sense and it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard in my life. First Bright Eyes song was my first dose of Jenny Lewis and I didn’t know it until about a year after the fact. Owning up to being awkward, and knowing how to spell it correctly. Being compared to Ally Sheedy’s character in “The Breakfast Club” and getting my first pair of skinny jeans. Writing on my Chucks. Eating fries every day. Not wanting to tone myself down. Thinking studded belts were the way to go. Uh, not having stinky feet from wearing flats all the time. Childish hairclips. Short hair. Wishing I was British instead of Canadian or French (still have to love them, though). HOT. HOT. HEAT. Oh, my gawsh, I need to go to sleep. I got a big dose of nostalgia, though, from the photographs E-Dawg posted on Facebook from her freshman year which was my sophomore year.


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you can be ANYTHING that you want to be!!!!!

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