1 October, 2007, 1100 am
Filed under: My Experience with Existence

Being able to talk to Travis and trust him is awesome.  I also like being able to talk to Charles, since he’s so close by.  It’s different for me, being able to confide in people and go to them for second and third opinions and advice.  But it’s a good feeling, sharing emotions without getting too emotional.  It’s also pretty different being able to confide in boys.  They don’t compare things or try to relate.  They just agree or disagree based on the exact situation.  And if you ask them to keep a secret like what you have done behind the scenes or who you like, they’ll keep their mouths shut if they know it could hurt to tell.  I don’t know everything they think of me, but I am aware that they mostly value my opinion and they probably like that I value theirs too.

Ahhh, I hate AP Physics, but I’m so stoked for art class (I have to wait until Tuesday, dayummmmn) because I’m making a Rilo Kiley tote bag and there is a new kid freshman in my class who arrived on Friday!


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i have noticed that it’s easier to confide in guys too…its interesting..

gosshhhhhh i hate ap physics too =/ at least i’m getting some help every now and then.

Comment by divya

I know what you’re thinking Page, but for the love of god don’t jump his bone.

Comment by wut?!

srsly? SRSLY?

did I just misspell your name?

turn the pages o_O/

Comment by wut?!


Comment by leindiemeister

haha. well said!

Comment by divya

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