27 September, 2007, 957 am
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I’ve just realized that my URL is wrong.  It should be l’indiemeister.  But since apostrophes aren’t typically included in URLs, and since someone would think that my name is Lindie, I suppose it’s alright.  Specification, y’know?  Except for the fact that it would be “la” since I’m a female.  Ugh.

While I had a grand time at the Fall Fair, uhh, weekdays are tense for me.  I procrastinate way more than I ever have before, and something else that’s not all too foreign to me that comes with dating younger guys at other schools:  Only being able to see him once a week and having absolutely no time to ourselves when we do see one another, save for maybe five minutes late at night when he’s going to get his ass (or leg) kicked (possibly six times) if he doesn’t go inside, with the added bonus of some unwritten “No affection during daylight/Pretend we’re not even slightly attracted to each other when around friends or your mom” laws.  Ugh, fuckkkk.

So I feel wanted for maybe ten minutes out of my week, which is alright, but look at it this way.  I’m thinking about picnics, pumpkin muffins, and epic movies (all very romantic and generally pleasant unless you add a cyclone, take away sugar, and throw in an obnoxious sibling) while everyone else is thinking about jousting with tree branches, running for their lives across 15 to go to Citgo, and throwing stones into the street for the hell of it.  I think you can see where the maturity lies.  Although I’m probably lacking some sanity, I guess.  I mean, I spend a bunch of my spare time looking up band biographies and eating hummus, and my pet peeve can only happen in restaurants.

Speaking of Andrew Bird (I know I didn’t mention him), if you live in Virginia, fucking GO on October 6th or whatever!  He’s in Richmond!  He plays in his socks sometimes!  You’re a moron if you miss it!  A hacking MORON.  It might be October 3rd, I forget.

And tonight, Rilo Kiley is in DC.  Fucking epic.


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yeah, i’m done with “dating” younger peeps for these reasons. i’m pretty much done with dating for the time being!

Comment by adam

october 6th is homecoming =[[[ i’ve wanted to hear andrew bird’s stuff since you mentioned that he plays violin. if it’s on the 3rd it’s even more unlikely that i can go because of it being a school night. =[[[

someone’ll put it up on youtube right?
and i’m sry abt you missing the rilo kiley concert.

Comment by divya

and sorry for the lack of picnics, etc.

when you come back for a visit, we’ll have platonic chipotle picnics.

Comment by divya

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