26 September, 2007, 427 pm
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Today we used the school laptops to do a survey asking about whether the school lives up to its duties. They’d present four questions at a time, sometimes one or two, and at the end of each set, they left a box for comments on our answers to the questions on that page, clarification. In every comment box, I stated that I am dissatisfied with the French program here and that it’s inefficient and that I want Vic Firth mallets and new instruments for our pit, now. I even added that Mike Balter mallets are a joke. Do I really have to stoop to this kind of desperation to get the things I want?! The people who read these things are going to think I’m a joker, but I’m COMPLETELY SERIOUS, which is actually…really sad. Haha. Who is going to read those things, anyway? But honestly, look at the comparison between my personal xylophone mallets for Winter Drumline sophomore year and the typical pit xylophone mallets at Lewisburg (xylophone uses Musser, but we do have a lot of Mike Balter pieces of shit).

Exhibit A: The Cannonball
I know what you’re thinking: BADASS. And rightfully so. These mallets are godly. They’re tough. They are loud and proud and freaking humongous.

Exhibit B: Ballsack
What we’re working with here is the mallet on the far left, the shit-coloured piece of shit mallet right there. First off, let me mention that the shaft bends, so it’s really hard to do the piston stroke successfully. Then, the ball is fiberglass, which is cool and all, except for the fact that the sound sucks, and the mallet gets dented, which is the sign of a pansy, unworthy mallet. Musser has got to be joking. You’d think that with the price you’re paying for the halfassed instruments, you’d get decent accompanying mallets. But nooo. Then again, I’d assume that our band director had no one to direct him to a good instrument when he was purchasing. Otherwise, he would have aimed for a more badass instrument, like the Adams marimba seen here:

Adams Marimba, eh eh

Instead of this so-so junkmobile (on the right):

Musser Marimba, not so eh

Um, unfortunately, one of my godly mallets broke, no doubt a manufacturing issue, or maybe it just exploded from AWESOMENESS, but they really are awesome, I promise.


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