26 September, 2007, 1006 am
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So King Lear, friends, fun.  King Lear first, though.

I find myself almost feeling sorry for Edmund even in Act II.  Almost.  And that is because Edgar is so blind to everything.  He saves himself a little in my eyes by disguising himself, and maybe it’s cute that he would never suspect his family of plotting against him, but really, he must not pay much attention to them!  And he must not know Edmund very well since he doesn’t even really suspect him of any foul play.

As for Regan and Goneril, ugh.  I hate Goneril because she’s kind of dumb and, of course, incredibly vain.  She reminds me of someone I knew, very vain, who wanted one thing and ended up ruining a bunch of people’s lives.  Of course, when I get around to rereading this, I probably won’t remember who it is I’m talking about.  I’m being vague for a reason.  Regan, on the other hand, is clever and wicked.  And although that should lend me to hate her, it’s really fascinating how she can scoop up Goneril’s half-assed insults and throw them back so much more cleverly.  She really has her eye on the prize.  I also like Kent for his loyalty to the king, and his cleverness, but for some reason, I somewhat dislike the Fool.

Here’s the thing about music.  I find that as the seasons transition, so do the bands on most frequent rotation in my muzak library.  I’m spinning Andrew Bird, Elliott Smith, some old Rilo Kiley, and lots of Shins currently.  Headlights and Death Cab by night.  Sean recently introduced me to a band and a song, though, that I can’t get over.  I don’t think anyone’s ever read into my taste as well as he just did, actually.

First, the band.  Psapp.  Pronounced, “sap.”  They’re English, they sound like they play with toys, and they’re awesome.  In “Rear Moth,” you hear a rubber duck squeaking and are carted instantly off to a sunny and sophisticated castle, straight into the resident Wizard’s chambers.  In “Hi,” it’s bath water trickling, and you feel like you’re riding some locomotive to Candy Land.  In “Tricycle,” the vibraphone strikes you as childish, but you feel like you’re back on a swingset in your childhood back yard.  Every song makes you feel like you’re in some fairy tale jazz land, and you don’t want to leave.


As for the song, “Diana Ross” by the Concretes, it is teenaged nostalgia at its finest.  Lovehangover.  Dancin’.  Insecurities.  They’re a Swedish band, and I get the vibe that I should listen to them some more.  So you’ll be hearing more of them later.

The Concretes

Regarding friends, I’ve come to find that Travis is less demanding and more just straightforward.  He tells it like it is, and he likes to be clear with people as far as what he thinks of them.  If he has a problem, he’ll address it.  If something’s awkward, he’ll mention that it is that way.  He dislikes vegetarians for the most part, but I believe it’s more of the fact that he’s scarcely met educated ones.

Shannon enjoys watching interaction between myself and Phelan, extracting details from it, and dangling my insecurities in front of my face.  For example, he is hard to read, so she’ll alert me that he told her personally that he doesn’t like me, which I can’t discern is a lie until our next isolated interaction, since daylight apparently brings with it distance.  Shannon will watch that next interaction, even if she has to hide out next to a van in the street late at night and hold her breath to do so.  I’m sure she gets loads of satisfaction out of that.  Since she actually did that on Saturday night, and would have on Sunday night if she’d been alerted that Phelan was still around.  Which she wasn’t!  Except that he returned her peanut butter, which he’d stolen the night before.


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hey!!! i like the french in your blogthingy…. i’m in french right now and me and my friend sandra (she’s foreign exchanging here from macedonia, she’s really cool) are as bored as all crap. cause we’re not doing anything in here
but I MISS YOU and because i carry around this laptop for no reason i might as well use it for something so i figured i’d get on here

anyway i can’t believe that your cousin watches human interactions from cars. it’s a little creepy =/
haha. anyway. I CAN’T WAIT TILL YOU VISIT NEXT!?!?!? in november, right?

btw i haven’t read king lear but from your descriptions it sounds interestingly shakespearian and crappy characters kind of make it all mesh together i find. but i’d have to get the no fear shakespeare version in order to not get a headache :p


Comment by divya

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