18 September, 2007, 452 am
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I feel like I have to keep redefining myself for every person that comes by.  I don’t want to shove animal rights down their throats because I know that’s not what they want, but at the same time, if one person in a group is mocking me stupidly and another is trying to figure me out, I’m not sure which way to go about presenting everything to them, especially since sometimes when someone questions me in the first place, I’m offended.   I’m not stupid.  I know why I’m doing this.  And I’m not a pescetarian, which is not, by any means, a vegetarian diet.

So here’s my current, updated reason for being vegetarian.  I disagree with animal cruelty.  I disagree with the way meat is obtained or even the idea of eating meat, period.  I disagree, in fact, with all animal products, and I’m trying to do something to change that.  No, going vegan isn’t going too well right now, but it’s still a strong goal that’s always in the back of my mind, and it hasn’t become any dimmer with time.  Vegans are not crazy.  I resent when people say that one person not eating meat is not going to “save the world.”  I know that one person not eating meat is not going to stop everything, but I’m contributing to the problem less by omitting meat.  I’m saying that I don’t support the industry.  I’m too nice.  When ignorant people tease me or say that I’m stupid for being vegetarian, I probably should stuff statistics and facts down their throats.  Make them choke for a second.

I do not think that humans have dominion over animals, period.  I believe that we have abused our resources, and that it’s time we reconciled and did something right.

“The problem” is, I guess, animal cruelty specifically.  But I think it stretches so far beyond that.


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Comment by divya

You’re stupid for being vegetarian.

Animals don’t care if we eat them, it’s been scientifically proven. With math.

Comment by wut?!

Spoken by a true undesirable. You wouldn’t care if someone ate you! It would be more action than you could ever dream of seeing.

You’re welcome.

Comment by leindiemeister

mmm kinky

undesirable undesirable… oh yeah that was the nazis. Omg vegans = nazis.

oh, and today in school a pamphlet about bullying was passed out. Basically, it described our friendship. lol

Comment by wut?!

i thought being a vegan was for your own beliefs.

maybe i’m just too damn british.

Comment by adam

When you’re in a mixed group and someone is trying to bait you (or you think they might be) a useful answer to “why” I’ve found is “all the usual reasons.” It is a good way to deflect the assholes who don’t really care why you might be vegetarian or vegan, and it still leaves an opening for those who are curious and want to actually have a conversation about it.

The ‘one person can’t change the world’ is an old and tired comment that you’ll get no matter what you do that you believe in. Environmental concerns? Social Justice? Sustainability? Animal Rights? Yup, the people who don’t want to face any of it and don’t want to change a single thing in their lives will say “one person can’t change the world.” Remember, we are each only one person, but it isn’t like you are the only person in the world who believes in animal rights. There are millions of us out there. And yeah, millions can change the world.

Besides, you’ve heard the starfish story, right? This kid is at the beach at low tide, and every time she sees a starfish she picks it up and throws it as far as she can into the ocean. This man sees her doing this and says “you know you can’t save them all, so why bother?” And she says, “I can’t save them all, but to the ones I save, it is everything.” That’s, essentially, what keeps us going.

adam, being vegan is an ethical decision we make when we are against the exploitation of others, and it actually goes far beyond what we eat, and into everything we consume (anything we buy). Not exploiting humans is as important as not exploiting other animals. Is it a personal belief? Yes, of course it is. It impacts others, however, so I’m always as perplexed by that question as I am when people imply that politics isn’t personal.

But probably what you were really questioning is the acceptance vs not of vegans and vegetarians, and in that, yes, you’re too british. ;) It is a lot more accepted in England than in the U.S. (except in certain parts of this country). We get people saying some crazy stuff to us, sometimes. I’ve had people say that it was “anti-american” to be vegan, and no, I don’t think even they knew what they were talking about. It was the best insult they could come up with.

Comment by Deb

I have a starfish story, too.

My parents have this big glass cabinet filled with seashells and other such things found on beaches. There’s two starfish mixed in there with them, and they look t0t4ly 5w33t.

Comment by wut?!

Currently taking AP environmental
we are learning about overpopulation and tragedy of the commons
a.k.a. overconsumption of animals
I’d be happy to supply you with countless statistics you could use to shove down ANYONE’S throat.

Comment by Laura

Unless those statistics taste like delicious meat, I’m not interested.

Comment by wut?!

Hey there. My little group just started an animal rights blog, I think maybe you can get some of your questions answered there.

Comment by Peter Saczkowski

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